Thigh Gap Fashion – A Growing Trend Or Craze


Thigh gap is the space formed between thighs when standing with knees and feet together. The gap between the legs has gradually turned as a symbol of sensuality and beauty considered as attractive by women as the space between the breasts by men. For specialists, however, this separation until recently considered a cosmetic defect reflecting a situation of danger to the body which clearly shows it that they are below the ideal weight.

Obsession with Thin Legs

The thigh gap is a widespread fashion among girls due to images and videos shared on forums and social networks under the hashtag # thighgap and the tips on ‘how to get a thigh gap’ are being searched. The overweight adolescents crush their bodies to get this concave with a clear view being sexy, very visible when placed shorts, miniskirts or tight jeans. Adolescents represent the segment of the population most exposed to this standard of beauty closely related to eating problems such as anorexia. The temporary disorder can resolve spontaneously in adulthood or it may last for a lifetime requiring the help of a specialist for proper treatment.

Morphology & Thigh Gap

There are three ways to get the thigh gap as 1) structure is very thin, 2) being fourteen or 3) excessive weight loss.

For people obsessed with thinness, the thigh gap is the clearest proof that they have lost weight; however, the obsession with this ‘empty cavity’ completely ignores morphology. At the beginning of puberty, girls’ hips widens slightly as the legs can stay thin and separated. This forms a visible gap between thighs which is gradually filled with growth. As hips widen, the legs come together slowly until the gap disappears.

Bones, hips amplitude, distribution of fat and muscle mass are, therefore, determining factors to have a gap in thighs. Women with big hips usually have legs further apart and the space between the thighs is very marked, others are born with a slender body and thighs do not actually touch ever, others, however, as much as to endeavor diets and physical activity never succeed marked one thigh gap.

Is Thigh Gap Dangerous?

Nutritionists warn of this dangerous trend. ‘Physically, while men accumulate fat tissue especially in the area of belly, women tend to accumulate in thigh area,’ explains dietician, Dr. Frits Brafa. If thighs have a very marked gap, which has not been achieved artificially by subjecting the body to a lot of stress, it means that the subject is losing muscle mass and is threatening bodily health.’

Extreme diets, forced fast water based or water and lemon, cotton intake to whet the appetite, constant physical activity to tone the buttocks, or even plastic surgery are some of the methods used by those who want to get thinner legs.

The ghost of anorexia is present in hundreds of tips that encourage online users share all costs to get the space between the thigh and the other. The opinion of doctors, alarmed by the limited information available about this phenomenon, is emphatic, ‘no matter how many kilos you lost or you want to lose’, say the experts, ‘not everyone can have the thigh gap’.

Eating a balanced diet combined with a training program to tone your legs and put them stronger is still the best option to restore physical and mental balance demystifying beauty standards that are not real in which we can fall almost without realizing it.

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