The 4 Best Hair Loss Treatment of 2019


For many, getting the best hair loss treatment is a resolution for an age-old problem. Among other issues, this is one that stands out on its own, being a condition that cannot be cured and doesn’t relent on its effect to the average man or woman.

What You Should Know About Hair Loss

This condition is known as hair loss, quite put merely, but its effects are widely experienced. Hair loss is a condition in which a person exceeds the healthy routine hair fall and eventually on severe grounds cause balding – a hair loss that occurs from the middle of the head as the skin is majorly exposed with barely any hair cover.

Medically, severe hair loss is termed alopecia. The hair is in actuality one of the major outward appearance to look out for despite its very uncommon advantages, while it cannot be washed frequently as the other parts of the body requires, it must be washed nonetheless.

The routine hair loss is essential for healthy hairs because every once in a while it is necessary to shed of the dormant, non-growing hair for the development of new strands. But, when there’s a lot more than few strands pulling out here and there, it has gone past the routine hair loss, and it is only in severe cases that large patches of hair fall off.

Even in severe cases, hair loss can be slowed down by the rapid generation of newer strands within a short time, although it does not stop newer strands from fall. Hence, continuous treatment is required for effective results. Hair loss has no particular gender of spread, it causes the fall of hair in both males and females and can be severe leading to balding or alopecia, still in both sexes.

What are the 4 Best Hair Loss Treatments I Can Get?

The best treatments for hair loss in the sense of workability, affordability, allergic reactions, and cause of hair loss. Highlighted below are four of the best-used treatment of hair loss.

Hair Loss Drugs

More often than not, hair loss drugs will be the first line of defense to curb your hair loss. There are currently only two drugs which have been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration for the treatment of hair loss, they are;

  • Minoxidil: Minoxidil is the generic name of a hair loss pill, this means that there are various brands of this drug. Rogaine is the most popular brand drug of Minoxidil. This drug comes in different forms, as a tablet, a liquid, and foam which is applied directly on the scalp.

Rogaine aids the regrowth of hair by increasing the flow of blood in the scalp, causing them to grow in size, thicken, and as such, stimulate hair growth. Approximately 6 out of every 10 men who take Rogaine re-grew their hair back within 6 months.

  • Finasteride: Finasteride online is a very popular name among men treating male pattern baldness. Finasteride works for hair loss by reducing the levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT is the hormone that is responsible for hair follicle miniaturization and male pattern baldness.

Scalp and Hair Massage

Never undersized the effects of proper massage, while as a word it reduces the breakage of hair, what is used in the massage aids with many other necessities for hair health.

Essential oils and homemade recipes aid in the fight against hair loss, some of these oils and homemade recipes are – rosemary oil, onion juice, beetroot juice, licorice root, egg mask and sandalwood oil among a long list.

Hair Supplements

Hair supplements assist hair growth. While they may not actively initiate hair regrowth or stop thinning, they will make your hair grow stronger and healthier. One of the most important hair supplement is biotin (B-complex vitamin or vitamin H).

Biotin strengthens the protein infrastructure in hair. Other important hair supplements are Vitamins A and C, Flax-Seed oil, Zinc and Selenium, Folic Acid. Increasing the amount of proteins, vitamins (A, E, B12), omega 3 fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids, water in your diet is another way to help strengthen your hair.

Hair Transplantation or Artificial Hair Implant

These are two surgical options available for individuals who cannot wait to have their hair grow naturally. While both involve surgery, the source of hair in both procedures differ.

In hair transplantation, hair is sourced from parts of your body where hair still exists. The patches removed from those areas are then surgically implanted on the areas where there is baldness or thinning.

Artificial hair implant involves the use of synthetic hair which is biocompatible and made of artificial fiber. Each strand of artificial hair has a knot at the end. The surgeon using special implanters inserts each strand of hair one by one under the anesthetized scalp and hooks the knots deep into the scalp fascia.

The advantage of artificial hair implant over hair transplantation is that synthetic hairs are more durable and stronger than natural hair. The surgeries involved for both procedures are light and are safe – if done by a practitioner.

These procedures are not widely used because most people cannot afford it. However, if you are considering this procedure, we recommend that you seek professional medical advice before this is carried out because the pros and the cons must be properly weighed before a choice is made.

Conditions that May Be Worsening Your Hair Loss

  • Stress – The stress level of any individual will greatly affect the health of the hair. How? When the body is highly stressed it would affect the hormonal balance leading to a lower circulation of blood to some parts and a decrease in the level of absorption of important nutrients needed for the body as well as the hair via the scalp.
  • Medication – Some medications increase the risk of hair loss, the effects of some results in hair loss and the incomplete digestion if others causes hair fall.
  • Short-term severe infections and illnesses will also affect scalp health in one way or the other.
  • Therapies – Understand that while these therapies are very helpful, they also gave their effects which you should be aware of, to not antidote another cause.

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