Sprinting vs Jogging – Try a Combination of Both


People follow different types of workout plans and exercises to lose weight but the success of each program depends upon the amount of calories burned and this is the basic rule to understand how much improvement you have gained in overall body shape. Some fitness experts believe that sprinting is one of the best sport to burn maximum number of calories. However, when you compare sprinting with jogging, you will discover that jogging is better than the other but surely the discussion on Jogging vs sprinting will give you tough competition as both of them have their own health benefits.

Sprinting & Process of Calories Burning

First of all it is important to understand what sprinting is. Thought, it is a way of running, it is quicker than the regular form of running as you need to move quicker. It can be used as an intensive workout and it will greatly help you boost calories burning process which makes it a quick calorie burner.

The topic on sprinting vs jogging for weight loss is a little bit difficult and complicated to be explained but a clear weak point of sprinting is that in this exercise, you get tired too earlier because of moving fast and when you get tired early, you might not be able to continue to get better results.

Jogging & Calories Burning Process

Is sprinting better than jogging? Well, if you want to get a straightforward answer then NO. Jogging is no doubt an effective and efficient way to lose maximum number of calories in a short period of time.

In jogging, you don’t run too fast in the beginning but gradually improve your speed which is good as you can easily manage your endurance, strength and feel more confident and comfortable to perform your workouts for even a longer period. That is why people like to do jogging than sprinting.

Sprinting or Jogging or Combination of Both

Both have their own advantages and if you would like to do both, you can use a combination of these exercises which will enhance the advantages and you will get much better results. If you are still wondering what’s better jogging or sprinting? You had better use a combination of both.

  • If you spend more time on jogging, go for it but after finishing your workout, take rest and spare some time to do a little sprinting.
  • The other way to combine both exercises is to divide jogging session into short sessions and do sprinting between two sessions.

Most of the people who prefer to use the combination, go for the second way to adopt. However, there is no big difference when it is about gaining benefits with these methods.


One more important thing to remember is that you must give full attention to your performance, the better you perform, the better results you will achieve. Your target should always be performance and results no matter what you are doing jogging or springing or combination of both. Sprints vs running is another hot topic these days.

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