Reheating Food – Good or Bad?


You might have seen your mom reheating the food and repeat it whenever possible; in fact, reheating more than once is not good. Every time you reheat your food, it deteriorates in nutritional value and from the microbiological point of view; it is a risk to your health.

Now with this life so busy that we have, most of the moms prepare the food for the weekend and keep it in the lunchbox lunchboxes to school, college and to work with the inevitable practice of ‘reheating the food’.

There is a need to have a clear and some basic microbiology concepts;

All foods have a lot of microorganisms, typical of its nature, and in many cases give it the characteristics of taste, color and smell which we are accustomed to. However, many of these bugs are responsible for the deterioration and decay of food and a selected group of them can cause food borne diseases.

What makes these microorganisms cause us fall sick depends largely on two factors as how many are in the food and how may are there is our immune system.

To keep under control the number of bugs in our food, it is imperative to understand that they need the same nutrients that we take advantage of the food and that under certain combinations of time and temperature. Since we cannot eliminate the source of nutrients, we can only control the time and temperature.

When reheating for the first time, what happens is that many organisms that were “asleep” are awake as the temperature is optimal and immediately begins to multiply. If the process is repeated again and again, the family grows until they can win the battle against our ‘defenders’ and cause diseases.

From the nutritional point of view, another very interesting phenomenon occurs. Overall, amedida that increases the degree of transformation of a food, the more often the changes of nutritional value and whenever “recalentamos” food submits to physical and chemical changes of its proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Heat increases the digestibility of food and this is beneficial for the body and it affects as better utilization of nutrients. However, when the process is repeated over time and again, we find that carbohydrates are made as ‘digestible’ to increase its GI and fats are transformed into compounds become hazardous to health.

In conclusion, nothing is better than eating freshly made food, but when this is not possible, it is best to reheat only once, so we guarantee the safety and quality of food we carry in safe lunch box.

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