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Many people still have numerous misconceptions about vaping. Definitely, it involves inhaling and exhaling smoke, so how come is it an alternative to smoking? Well, the answer is a bit complex, as long as you do not really understand the process. To start with the basics, unlike a cigarette, here the user does not burn an herbal material, so to say. Instead, the process is entirely electronic where you fit in a liquid chemical cartridge into a vaporizer and use electrostatic heat to produce the fumes.

Selecting by the aroma

The chemical mix essentially consists of a petroleum-derivative or a vegetable extract or more commonly, a mix of the two. You encounter this as the PG/VG ratio. In addition, there would be added flavors and a specific percentage of nicotine by your unique preference. To start with, check out a good e-commerce store for the same, and browse the inventory.

Most first time users select by a choice of the right flavor, and it is a good way to start as well. Soon, as you gain more insight on the types of liquids, vaporizers, and modes of use, the choice becomes increasingly specific. Some of the most popular e liquid aromatic options include vanilla, tobacco, strawberry, wood, and other exotic delights. Top online retailers actually maintain categories such as Beverage, Breakfast, Candy, Creamy, Fruity, and Herbals to help make easy choices.

About PG/VG ratio

Get to know the meanings of PG and VG to be able to decide on what is right. PG or Propylene Glycol is a petrol derivative. It is a FDA approved chemical and finds common uses in the cosmetics and good processing industries. Higher PG concentrates create minimal smoke while leaving a sharp sensation in the mouth. Popularly mixed with nicotine extracts, the PG juice is popular among people who are switching from smoking to vaping. However, there is no hard set rule as such and you can start vaping with Vegetable Glycerin as well.

VG concentrates can also be in either nicotine free or added varieties. However, VG is smoother to the throat and produces more fumes than an equivalent volume of its counterpart. Cloud chasing is a popular recreation among vaporizer users, which essentially means a competition to generate the maximum amount of smoke from a single hit. Ideally, a 100% VG eliquid in a sub-ohm apparatus provides the optimum setup for most smoke generation.

About the accessories

By now, you must have had a clear idea about the choice of ejuice. Once you finally decided on your flavor and taste preferences, getting the suitable accessory is easier. Here, you need to check two things basically. First, see if the vaporizer is compatible to withstand the thermal stress of extensive using. This is why sub-ohm vaporizers have hardier glass and metallic bodies. Read up e liquid tank reviews. It should have good battery support and must be convenient for regular use. Most people would buy two separate vaporizers for external and in-home usage. Finally, see if you like the overall design. The aesthetics part is equally important and is the virtual status index within the vaping community.

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