Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review


The secret of gaining optimal level of fitness is not just the exercises you do every day, but it also depends upon the level of intensity which should not be too high or too low and the amount of calories burned through physical activities. Therefore, an exerciser always needs an effective tool to find an ideal heartbeat rate which can be achieved by a heart rate monitor.

What is Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor?

The Polar FT4 heart rate monitor has been designed to help people perform their exercises smartly. It has easy-to-use features which can record heart rate, calories burned and level of intensity generated during a physical activity.

What’s Included in Package?

  1. FT4 Heart Rate Monitor
  2. H1 Heart Rate Sensor
  3. FT4 Getting Started Guide

What Can You Do with FT4 HRM?

Manage Intensity Level

While you are exercising, the device will record and display your accurate heart rate. If you know your current heart rate, you can easily and correctly manage the level of intensity to meet your body’s actual requirement.

Need to Slow Down or Speed up

The device works as your personal trainer and guide you where you move during your workout. It will let you know either you need to slow down or speed up your movement.

Calories Burned During Physical Activities

You can keep tracking not just intensity but also the amount of calories your body burns during any physical activity. It does not matter if you are doing extremely high workouts or simply playing with your children, it will record the calories burned.

Keep Trying to Achieve Your Goals

Once you are done with your workout, the system will generate a complete and comprehensive training summary in which your max, min and average heart rate along with the calories burned will be shown.

Fitness Improvements

The system will also provide you with the last 10 workouts you finished which will enable you to see your progress. This feature allows you deciding what you have achieved and what you still need to achieve.

Key Features of Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

  • The most important feature of this device is that it will show you accurate heart rate continuously.
  • You will discover what should be the average as well as maximum heart rate for you regular training.
  • The calorie tracking feature of the device utilizes user’s personal data to give details about the calories burned.
  • It also includes soft fabric chest strap which can be easily adapted by the body shape.
  • It can also be connected with compatible equipment available at gym using GymLink.
  • The batteries can be replaced if they don’t work properly.
  • The device is water resistant and will not get out of order if drown into water.

Verdict – Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review

With the help of Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor, you can keep the record of 10 last workouts you performed which will surely provide you with a solid track to move forward. The most important thing about this device is that you don’t have to push millions of buttons but simply bring the watch near to your chest and it will display the current status of your heart rate.

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