Negative Calorie Foods And How They Can Affect Your Weight Loss?


Those people who are looking forward to lose weight, need to keep a strong check on the calorie intake. Because it is important to keep a balance between the calories consumed and calories burned and it is also not important to starve yourself. First of all, it is important to know what some negative calorie foods are.

Negative calorie foods actually require more calories for the process of digestion then they actually contain. These food items do no consist of negative calories but they possess calorie burning effects on our bodies. Consuming celery can burn a good number of calories when actually one stalk contains only eight calories. While consuming celery ones needs to chew a lot, then swallow and then digest so this process can help in burning more calories. Negative calorie vegetables list also includes zucchini, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and asparagus.

Meet The Negative Calorie Food Items

There are also negative calorie fruits like watermelon, strawberry, rhubarb, raspberry, peaches, plums, melon, guava, orange, apricot and blackcurrant. These fruits can be used in a number of different ways. For instance, you can add lemon to plain water and consume the mixture directly. You can use grapefruit, plums, strawberries and peaches as plain snacks. You can also use these fruits with normal deserts and have a proper weight loss desert diet. To all those people who ask that do fruits have negative calories? The answer is yes all they need to do is consume these food items carefully while dieting.

Many people also ask, are oranges negative calorie foods? Yes, they are certainly in the negative calorie fruit list as they consume more calories to digest. The list of negative calorie foods is quite vast; you need to keep a strong check while consuming them in a systematic manner. If you are successful in categorizing them properly you will be able to lose weight and supplying your body with the essential energy.

Negative calorie foods myth or fact, need to be studied carefully to make sure one is adopting a safe method of losing weight.

  • Consuming negative calories can become quite boring as there is not a good option of fruits and vegetables to choose from. Most of these items need to be consumed in the raw form in order to maintain the negative calorie effect. Health experts do not even recommending steaming these food items as it can affect the calories. One might find it easier to digest after a few more calories have been lost.
  • Calories are very important to remain active and function throughout the day. Any type of diet plan which contains few calories will ultimately lead to fatigue and will slow down the metabolism. This means that calories will not burn at a positive rate. On the other hand a person will start gaining weight when the normal diet is followed once again.
  • A few health experts also argue that negative calorie food items cannot supply essential proteins, nutrients and fats. All of these elements are important for the growth and functioning of our body.

How To Consume Negative Calorie Diet?

To all those people who ask, do negative calorie foods exist? The answer is yes but it is important to consume them in a systematic manner. If you want to lose weight then you might need to include a few items in your daily meal plan. If you are following any calorie based diet plan then negative calorie food items can help the best. You are going to substitute unhealthy snacks with high fiber content, which will keep your appetite controlled.

There are different methods, through which you can fruits and vegetables from the negative calorie food list.

  • You can make a salad of different fruits and vegetables and enjoy it as a snack, with any of your meals. On the other hand you can also include only vegetables or fruits in one salad dish; it all depends on your taste and the approach you are marinating for weight loss.
  • You can use the fruits with some sort of deserts also. It will increase the taste and the nature of desert will also change.
  • You can use fruits to make smoothies and shakes for weight loss. They are certainly very effective and supply essential nutrients to your body.

At the end, we can say that negative calorie food items can help in burning a few more calories. To increase this effect you will need to use these items as snacks and not as a main meal.

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