Myelomalacia & the dangers of the disease


The spinal cord is the most important part of the human body and it connects the brain to all other systems. If the main cord gets damaged due to an accident or sports injury and is left untreated, it can also result in the death of the individual. Many diseases caused due to dis-functioning of the spinal cord can make a person can result in a patient being paralyzed or getting bound to chair or bed for their life. There are several diseases which can cause damage to spinal cord or a disorder in it, Myelomalacia is one of those disorders. It is so serious that it can even prove fatal for the person who is suffering from the disease.

What Is It?

As a result of an acute injury or trauma, Myelomalacia can cause damage to the spinal cord. It is the abnormal softening of the spinal cord due to bleeding or injury. The constant bleeding in any area of the spinal cord can result in softening the normal tissues present in that area. There can be other reasons too for the disorder to occur in the spinal cord which can worsen and can soften the tissues eventually. The spinal cord doesn’t sustain an injury directly unless the vertebrae have suffered a fracture and caused bleeding in the spinal cord. The Internet has a lot of information about nearly every disorder and issue. There are some complications as well which can occur due to the due to the back surgery. EchiroPractor is one of those websites which have rich information about the disorder and also provide necessary advice to deal with the issue.

Watch Out For The Symptoms

There are some symptoms which you should be aware of if anyone around you is suffering from the disorder or not. It includes hypertension, jerking limbs, losing motor function and many others. Patients can also feel a lack of reflexes, being unable to feel any pain, and becoming paralyzed as well. The disorder can not only be caused due to an injury but also due to old age since the bones are weak and can bend in an unusual way resulting in the damage to the spinal cord. The treatment includes surgical treatments as well which treat the issue completely. It doesn’t require a major surgery but a minimal invasion procedure can serve the purpose effectively. The minimal invasive surgery works best for people since it only involves a small incision and the procedure is carried out through it.

How Can You Treat It?

Since surgery is the only effective treatment for the issue, you are supposed to get it. However, you can get different messages and therapies too before and after the surgery. Massages and therapies both for physical and mental health will help with symptom relief or pain. However, it is important the patient take their doctor’s suggestion before starting a massage therapy session. The patient can also join the yoga sessions to get relief in their pain but it should also be done knowing the limitations of your spinal cord and the exertion which it can take.

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