Muscle Gaining Secrets Review


The Program in Glance

Product’s Complete Name:                 Muscle Gaining Secrets
Author Name:                                           Jason Ferrugia
Available Format:                                    Digital
Delivery Method:                                     Instant Download
Physical Delivery:                                    Unavailable
Regular Price:                                            $39.95
Free Bonuses:                                           5 Bonuses
Money Back Guarantee:                      Yes

Introduction To The Program

This program is one of the best online selling programs that reveal smooth, steady and dynamic tips and techniques to progress muscle building from the very beginning level to the most advanced one. Highly feasible methods to make the muscles lean and strong are disclosed in this e-book. All the ways are quite easy that the seekers can easily adopt to make their non-muscular body into their bulging biceps and rocky and hard thighs.

The Complete Package

  • The system provides a course of 26-week exercises along with valuable guidance on combining and then eating high quality food, exercises daily for 30 minutes and resting after each session.
  • Muscle Gaining Secrets has MP3 interviews that provide a bunch of useful information.
  • Apart from this, various workout programs comprising of easy exercises, workout schedules and dietary food plans are included.
  • For beginners, there is a PDF file that contains Blasting Workout Sheets. By working out on them, all the Beginners will be able to keep a close track of their sets, rests and repetition during whole period of the course.
  • Other sections on how to make yourself healthy and how to increase your energy levels and metabolisms also there.

See what you can learn in Muscles Gaining Secrets 2.0


  • The 7 anabolic factors
  • How to Activate different muscle fibers
  • The best rep range for skinny hardgainers
  • How to build bigger arms
  • The muscle building exercises for every body part.
  • The exact workouts that produce the fastest gains.
  • How to avoid muscle plateaus
  • The “Big 4″ Exercises
  • Why traditional cardio methods sucks
  • How to avoid injuries
  • The exact amount of rest you need
  • Learn what are the worst exercises

Muscle Building Secrets eBook- Table of Contents

  • How Bad Do You Want It?
  • Train, Don’t “Work Out”
  • The Importance of Physical Strength
  • Progressive Overload
  • The 7 Critical Factors
  • Intensity
  • Recovery Methods
  • Mass Building Nutrition
  • The Workouts
  • Questions & Answers
  • Meet The Program Creator
  • Resources

Who Is Jason Ferrugia?


Muscle Gaining Secret Program is developed by Jason Ferrugia. By profession Jason is a dynamic and strong figure in weight loss and body building industry. He has spent more than 2 decades in this industry and we can easily imagine how vast experience he has in the industry. Based on his vast experience and great knowledge, he has completed this Muscle Gaining Secrets program.

Free Bonuses

  1. Exercise Database
  2. Composition Tracker 5000 (Tracks your body fat and lean muscle levels)
  3. Muscle Building Audio Course
  4. Recipe Guide
  5. Subscription to MGS Private Membership Site

The Basic Package

  • MGS 2.0 90-Day Skinny-to-Jacked Transformation Guide
  • Printable Workout Sheets
  • 30 Days of FREE online coaching in Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Inner Circle
  • Downloadable PDF files
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Cost is $39.95.

The Deluxe Edition

  • The Renegade Diet
  • MGS 2.0 90-Day Skinny-to-Jacked Transformation Guide
  • Printable Workout Sheets
  • Renegade Inner Circle
  • Downloadable PDF files
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Cost is $59.95.

Program Upgrades

The Renegade Recipe Guide

While you are purchasing MGS 2.0, you can add “The Renegade Recipe Guide Book” to your order. It contains more than 134 recipes that help in building muscles, burning fat and improving overall health. The Recipe Guide will cost you $9.95 and you will learn the recipes for following meals:

  • Breakfasts & Shakes
  • Side Dishes & Snacks
  • Salads
  • Pastas & Entrees
  • Desserts

The Renegade Cardio

The Renegade Cardio will provide you with 52 different fat-burning fast finishers along with ten bonus hill sprint as well as strongman workouts. If you would like to add this item with your main package, you will be required to pay an extra amount of $9.95.

The Renegade Cardio

Renegade Strength is another addition to the Muscle Building Secrets Main Program. This strenght guide will teach you how to lift. The addition of strenght guide to your purchase will cost you another extra amount of $19.95

9-Month Worth of Workouts

This upgrade brings you three training programs just in $47.

  • Yoked: 12 week specialization program dedicated to give you “The Power Look.”
  • Bad Intentions: A 12 weeks of hostile strength and mass development.
  • Uncaged: A special combination of bodyweight exercises.


Membership in the Renegade Inner Circle

If you get the membership of the Renegade Inner Circle, you will get the following benefits:

  • A Bad Ass New Training Program Each Month
  • Direct Access To Jason Ferruggia
  • Coaching from Jason
  • Private Support Forum
  • Expert Interviews W/Industry Leaders
  • Exclusive Product Discounts
  • Access to Members Only Training Videos
  • Access to All Forum Discussions
  • Access to All MP3’s
  • Access to All Teleseminars
  • Access to All the Workout of the Month
  • Cancel any time by email

Types of Inner Circle Membership

There are two types of memberships which are as follows;

  1. Inner Circle Basic Membership which costs $19.95 per month.
  2. Inner Circle Platinum Membership which costs $197 for 1 year.


Money Back Guarantee

Jason is so much confident about his system that he has given 60-day money back guarantee on every purchase of his electronic guide.


  • The pictures in the e-book seem to be of low quality.
  • The program will require intense efforts for on time or quick results.


  • Muscle Gaining Secrets is a clinically tested and scientifically proven electronic guide which is based on the natural ways of getting strong muscles.
  • The whole ebook is written in an easy to understand language.
  • Assessment proved that it is not only an online training program but also a Meal Plan Guide that helps you to make and sustain your health.
  • A clear explanation regarding the basics of weight lifting, diet and nutrition are there. Their importance in muscle gaining makes you clear how vital they are for your muscle growth.
  • The program is available in form of PDF and can be very easily received instantly.


If you like to turn yourself into a person with shaped and huge muscles, trying the Gaining Secret is a good deal. It is totally different from all types of other disappointing guides and will show you the positive results at its best.


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