Low Testosterone Increases Body Fat: 14 Foods to Boost Your T Levels Naturally


Low testosterone is responsible for so many negative effects on the body. But, did you know, low testosterone is probably responsible for some of that excess body fat you have around your midsection? Testosterone levels affect both men and women, regardless of what is often portrayed. It’s difficult to get rid of that belly fat—but it may be because of the foods you consume each day. Foods that contain large amounts of sugar or carbohydrates disseminate testosterone levels. Try these 14 foods to boost your T levels naturally:

  • Oysters

Oysters are a personal favorite of mine. Not only do they symbolize the beach and serenity for me personally, but they also help raise testosterone levels in the body naturally. Oysters are high in zinc which helps naturally increase libido, testosterone and sperm levels.

  • Coconut

To produce hormones, testosterone included, the body requires healthy saturated fats. Coconut is a great addition to your diet. Using coconut oil to cook foods on the stovetop or mixing-in some coconut in other ways is highly recommended.

  • Eggs

The incredible edible egg is more than just the breakfast of choice. Egg is often neglected in diets throughout the world. It’s cheap. It’s delicious. Eat more eggs. Eggs are a great source of well-balanced fatty-acids which help produce testosterone. Don’t evade egg consumption based on what you’ve been told about cholesterol. Studies have shown that eggs do not have any negative impact on heart health.

  • Sautéed Onions

Sometimes a classic dinner needs a classic side dish. A great steak with a side of sautéed onions is the best in taste. Now, you’ll be heading for the onion even more after you find out they will help increase your testosterone levels. Next time you decide to whip up a fat juicy steak—sauté some onions right next to it. Your testosterone will be grateful.

  • Garlic Seasoning

It’s easy to get caught up adding processed sauces or sugar to your flavoring routine. Skip out on those and try real, natural garlic seasoning next time. Getting the flavor you crave is possible without the unnecessary sugar. Regular consumption of garlic is shown to improve cardiovascular health and increase testosterone levels. After you chop up your garlic, be sure to let it air out for a few minutes to get the maximum amount of health benefits!

  • Coffee

Coffee often gets mixed up. It is considered bad for testosterone if you are considered an anxious or twitchy type of person. That part is true. However, it’s also true that coffee is excellent way stimulate the nervous system with caffeine. The cortisol increase from coffee is very short in length. So, don’t worry if you feel this may play a factor.

  • Olive Oil

Most people believe that cooking with oil is terribly unhealthy. That would be wrong. Cooking with olive oil has some great health benefits. Olive oil is especially potent for those seeking to pack on the testosterone. It is also an excellent source of healthy fat, which is good for a variety of reasons. Try cooking with a teaspoon of olive oil – just dribble a little bit on your sauce pan while heating!

  • Avocadoes

If you’ve been up-to-date with the trend on fats—you probably think avocadoes are all bad. You would be wrong to think this. Although 77% of the calories in an avocado come from fats; studies show that increased dietary fat is strongly associated with higher testosterone production. Give these green goblins a chance. The avocado deserves your respect.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt is the common dietary snack that replaces chips and other retched food that is bad for the body. The 4th, 5th and 6th meals are hard to fit in when you are meal prepping. But don’t let the misunderstood snack fool you. Studies show that the ingredients in yogurt increased in testosterone and also increased testicular size and weight.

  • Blue Cheese

Fermented foods are fantastic for producing testosterone because they contain probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes connected with increasing testosterone levels. Blue cheese contains liberal amounts of testosterone amplifying saturated fats. Blue cheese can be added to any salad or thrown on the side for a wonderful dip.

  • Raisins

The health benefits of raisins are most unknown. However, they are considered great anti-inflammatories. Additionally, they contain sufficient amounts of antioxidants, like resveratrol, which is linked to lower estrogen and increased testosterone.

  • Bacon

I bet you’re glad bacon made this list. I am too. This miracle food is loaded with taste, flavor and it’s an American tradition. Besides all of that, bacon is all packed full of testosterone boosting saturated fats, and cholesterol—which helps produce testosterone. Now, this comes with some caveats. Bacon is often processed and packaged in an unhealthy manner. Always look for organic bacon so as it keep the unhealthy risks of bacon to a minimum.

  • Pomegranate

The medicinal qualities of the pomegranate have been explored for years. Studies have shown that just one glass pomegranate juice per day can boost testosterone levels anywhere between 16 to 30 percent. The pomegranate is not very high on the list of things to eat—but it should be if you are looking for that extra bump in testosterone levels.

  • Whey Protein

There are plenty of ‘wheys’ to get your protein, but the ingestion of protein shakes should certainly be on your list. However, why protein has been shown to specifically reduce the production of cortisol in the body which is a testosterone blocking hormone.  When looking for powdered protein—look for whey protein.

If you have lowering or lower testosterone levels—and you’re diet isn’t quite where you would like it to be—it’s important to look into reigning in the processed food ingestion. This could be the difference between low testosterone and normal testosterone levels. Controlling your diet may lead to losing weight—which may naturally boost testosterone levels. Focus on controlling what you can and eating the proper foods may get you where you need to be!

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