Leanbean Fat Burner Review – The Truth About this Supplement!


A few months ago we looked at Kayla Itsines Bikini Body guide, a workout guide designed just for women.

This month we’ve decided to focus on another female only product and are giving our thoughts on Leanbean, a thermogenic fat burning supplement.

At Fat loss spot we think we’re pretty well placed to scrutinize diet aids, our contributors are all health and fitness experts who between them have tried every product under the sun.

Recently, a few of us put Leanbean into our supplement stack for a couple of months and enjoyed some pretty satisfying results.

Don’t take late at night

We’ll kick off by pointing out that fat burners aren’t necessarily for everyone, most of the best products out there include a solid amount of caffeine and if you’re a light sleeper we wouldn’t recommend taking it late at night.

Whilst Leanbean does indeed use caffeine it only does so through its inclusion of natural ingredients like green tea and green coffee.

Many other brands pad out their products with cheap, unnatural forms of caffeine and quite often they go overboard and put far too much in, this is what leaves you sweating buckets and feeling nauseous.

The company behind this fat burner sell themselves around high quality, raw ingredients,and they claim to focus on general wellbeing just as much asthey dofat burning. In fact the first thing we noticed when we opened the bottle was the lovely sweet smell, it was sweet yet kind of earthy too, totally in line with the natural ingredients we’d read about.

The product has around ten core ingredients, we haven’t featured them all here but you can read more on Leanbean’s official website. Some of the ingredients that we thought really merited a mention:

  • Konjac Fibre – for reduced cravings
  • Turmeric – improved digestion and reduced stomach inflammation
  • Acai berry – for a boost of antioxidants

Note: Our team did NOT find any negative side effects with Leanbean’s product.

How did it perform?

 Now most of our girls are in decent shape but like everyone from time to time we let things slip a touch.

A few of us decided to pair Leanbean’s fat burner with a pre-vacation cutting regime and in general found speedier, boosted results. Whilst our individual experiences differed slightly the most notable things that we found by the end of the course were:

  • Reduced bloating and a firmer core
  • Sustained energy whilst doing weights and HIIT
  • Less snacking

We were however working out 3-4 times a week and trying to squeeze every last ounce of fat off before enjoying our time in the sun. In terms of a week-to-week breakdown, it pretty much went like this;

The first week or so was a little slow and we didn’t feel that different to be honest.We stuck with it though and were making sure to take four capsules a day, always with food or a post workout shake.

Weeks two and three, and the improved energy during workouts was much more apparent especially as we were ramping up the circuit training at this point. It was the same when it came to cravings too and we didn’t find ourselves reaching for the Haribos once. Judging by what other customers have been saying online, the reduced cravings do seem to be a consistent benefit of this product.

After a full month we really started to see a physical difference and both felt ourselves leaning out around the middle, although we couldn’t put this all down to the product we certainly felt it played a big role.

We should point out that we didn’t need to lose massive amounts of weight when we started on this regime although by the end of it we were definitely a few kg’s lighter.


All round we would definitely rate this fat burner as one of the best we’ve tried. Reduced cravings, better workouts, and tighter more toned tummies.

It wasn’t completely plain sailing though and there are definitely a few cons. For example it’s involves taking four tablets a day which can be tricky to keep on top of. For best results you have to be consistent and take it every day. If you’re intermitting fasting then this will take a bit of working out as we found it easiest to build into our meal routine. Taking it pre and post-workout is another good way of approaching it.

We did see most of our results towards the end of the course so if you’re going to try the product be patient and you should see results. This goes for most quality fat burners out there.

It’s also not the cheapest fat burner available but then you are paying for a high quality, bespoke product at the end of the day.

We’ve included a few other reviews and testimonials from customers that we found below;



It took a few months for me to get to a place I was really happy with but it was so satisfying to finally see my efforts rewarded.

I’m going to keep with it as I can definitely see the difference and I’ve still got a few more personal goals that I want to tick off!


Been using @leanbeanofficial for two weeks now and seen results within the first week! Specifically on my waist! Plus I’m always hungry in long sessions, and now I never want to snack!

To find out more info on the product go to www.leanbeanofficial.com

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