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You should exercise everyday irrespective of your shape, weight or age. Exercise not only makes your body well-toned so that you can flaunt it in a bikini on the beach, it keeps your bones and muscles strong and gives your skin a radiant glow. Several benefits are associated with daily workouts such as it uplifts your mood, boosts relaxation, improves sleep, and ensures a strong immune function.

If you wish to lose weight then remember to include exercise as an integral part of your daily routine. Besides, weight loss exercising can boost some other health aspects and may also help lower the risk of death. Regular fitness regime has been able to restrict cancer and stroke, help in digestion and boost brain health.

Exercise and Its Direct Implications on Health:
Regular exercises can definitely minimize the risk of serious illnesses namely stroke, heart disease, cancer and diabetes by almost as high as 50 per cent and can bring down the early death risk by as much as 30 per cent. Exercise is undoubtedly a magical cure to many diseases and obesity of course, but people often do not bother to take their recommended dose. Research reveals that physical activity may enhance your self-esteem, boost your energy levels and improve the quality of your sleep. Most importantly, regular exercises may help minimize the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and depression.

Exercise & Health Benefits Fact-File:
With the evidence from studies and research, it is quite obvious that being physically active reaps overwhelming benefits. Exercising helps you to be fit and healthy all through your lifespan including your old age. It has apparently been proved medically that people who are used to doing regular exercises have certain advantages from the point of view of health. They are known to have up to:

  • 35% lesser risk of stroke and coronary heart disease
  • 50% lesser risk of getting colon cancer
  • 50% lesser risk of getting type 2 diabetes
  • 68% lesser risk of fracturing your hip
  • 83% lesser risk of osteoarthritis
  • 30% lesser risk of dementia
  • 30% lesser risk of depression
  • 20% lesser risk of acquiring breast cancer.
  • 30% lesser risk of meeting an early death

Impact of Exercise on Health:
No matter what the age there is sound scientific evidence that a daily dose of exercise can assist you in leading a happier and healthier life. Had exercise been regarded as a medicine, it would definitely be the most affordable and effective pill ever. Exercise is best at

Reduce Weight:
Dieting is definitely an important part of weight loss program, but exercise plays a pivotal role as well. Exercise or intense physical activity is able to boost oxygen usage and helps the body to burn up stored fat thus, helping in maintaining normal body weight. It has been established that you would be able to burn up to 1600 calories if you walk at least 4 miles each day four times every week.

Reduce Stress:
Exercise is able to reduce and relieve stress and enhances the body’s capacity to tackle existing mental stress or tension.

Boosting Happy Chemicals:
Intense workout regimen or a treadmill session helps to release endorphins that are known to produce feelings of euphoria or happiness. Research and relevant studies on the subject reveals that exercise is useful in alleviating depression symptoms in the clinically depressed patients.

Improving Self-Confidence:
If you work out regularly you would look trim and nice and that would boost your self-esteem. If you look good, you would certainly feel good and you would be oozing with self-confidence. Irrespective of size, weight, age and gender exercise would be able to elevate quickly a person’s perception of her appeal and attractiveness.

Safeguarding Against Cognitive Decline:
As one gets older, his brain tends to get hazy. Degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and aging may result in killing brain cells and shrinking the noggin. As a result several important brain functions are compromised. Regular exercise helps to prevent cognitive decline and hippocampus degeneration that affects learning abilities and memory. Exercise helps to sharpen memory.

Boosting Brainpower:
It has been proved that regular exercise may help in creating new brain cells and so overall brain performance gets enhanced. Studies have revealed that an intense workout session helps to boost the levels of BDNF in your body. This proves immensely helpful in enhancing decision making, learning and higher thinking.

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