Jogging in Place – Safe, Effective & Inexpensive


Jogging in place can be the best workouts for weight loss and fitness. The best thing about this exercise is that it is for everyone regardless of age, sex and lifestyle. If you are too busy with your routine life, it is still an ideal workout for you. You can achieve fascinating aerobic advantages with this exercise such as strengthening of the lungs, toning the muscles, improvement in bodies circulatory & respiratory systems, and an increased intake of oxygen for the better cellular health level health. Moreover, the immune system gets greatly improved.

Is Jogging in Place Safe?

  • Is calories burned jogging in place exercise safe? Whenever, you learn about a new exercise term, you must ask this question. Well, like walking, brisk walking and aqua walking, the jogging in place is also safe way to lose weight and get fitter and healthier.
  • In this exercise, you enjoy full liberty to being your pace as in the beginning you can take slow pace and the level of progression can easily be regulated at your convenience. Even if you are doing fast sprinting, you can easily shift your pace to the regular form of jogging in place calories burning process.
  • Moreover, at the end of the session, you can have a recovery interval for increased breathing which is also safe. In other exercises such as mobile jogging or full sprint, it becomes quite difficult to take recovery.

Is It an Expensive Exercise?

  • Is jogging in place good exercise for those who can’t afford gym fees? Yes, this should be an ideal movement for those who don’t want or cannot join fitness gyms.
  • The most important thing to be noticed about this effective weight loss fitness movement is that it doesn’t demand you to spend lots of dollars in buying the fancy equipment or the membership of the clubs.
  • Even if you don’t have exclusive designed sports shoes, you don’t have to worry about it as you can just begin with it barefooted or wearing sandals or slippers.

Does Jogging in Place Work?

Well, yes, it really works. Regardless of its simplicity, it is really an effective workout. Thought, the complete weight loss and fitness programs are more popular than this type of simple exercise as it does not require expensive equipment and heavy fees of the fitness gyms.

Does Jogging in Place Help Lose Weight?

Jogging in place is really an effective way to burn calories which is resulted into weight loss. It is considered to be a much easier, more effective and less expensive than jogging on a treadmill or outside. Here are a few simple steps which you can follow to jogging in place for weight loss.

  1. Warm up your body with a light jog.
  2. Lift your feet only 1-2 inches off ground and hop from one foot to the other.
  3. Simply move both of your arms like you do in jogging.
  4. The more you move your body, the more amount of calories will be burned.

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