Increase Your Daily Water Intake with 5 Fruits that are 85% Water


Your body needs to drink lots of water every day to stay fully hydrated and energetic. Usually you can drink a glass of water every hour but it may not be possible to drink every 10-30 minutes and the major reason is that if you drink lots of water, you have to pay frequent visits to toilet which does not seem to be good especially when you are at your office, at a meeting, at a party or at someone else residence.

Now the second thing that you can do to increase the intake of water in your body is fruits which you can eat or drink in form of juices so get maximum hydration. It does not mean to give up drinking water, you must drink as much water as you can but you should also eat fruits to get more hydrated.

1) Watermelon

Do you know that 92% of watermelon is water? And it means when you are eating watermelon, you are actually injecting natural, pure and fresh water in your body. This is a special gift of summer for human as in this season; it grows in large number everywhere. It is also available off season at grocery stores but surely then it might not be fresh. There are a lot of options to consume this special fruit and most common of them is eating slices of it or include it into spinach salad.

2) Lettuce

Another watery fruits is lettuce which is also 92% water and considered to be your best alternative of water in case you are feeling thirsty. You can include this amazing source of water into salad with other fruits such as spinach, romaine, radicchio and various veggies to add taste to your salad.

3) Oranges

The third most watery food is orange that is 90% of water and the best thing about this delicious food is that it is available throughout the year and you don’t have to wait for a particular season to come so you can enjoy this amazing fruits. People use it as a healthy snake which can be taken anywhere you go. You can also add oranges in fruits salads or prepare healthy and tasty smoothies.

4) Pineapples

Pineapple contains 85% water and it can greatly help you increase your water intake in your everyday routine life. There are various good reasons which support its addition in daily consumption. You can directly eat pineapples, include them in fruits salads and use them to make sweet and sour chicken.

5) Apple

You just learn about pineapples, now learn a little bit about apple which is also 85% water. The best thing about apples is that you don’t have to put them into refrigerator to keep them fresh but they stay fresh and you can eat them. You might be surprised to learn that there are more than 7 thousand varieties of apple in the world.

Final Words

Addition of watery foods in your everyday diet is also a source to enjoy delicious meals which also help you fight against a number of problems often caused by dehydration. Include the foods mentioned above in your diet menu and see how useful they are to achieve amazing health benefits.

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