How Vital Is Great Nutrition When Using Steroids?


Incredibly vital.

Obviously, we’re going to elaborate further on that statement, we wouldn’t have you believe that you can simply buy injectable steroids at SteroidsFax then proceed to cram in a bucket full of chicken in order to get to Olympia-esque standards.

It IS completely true though; steroids with good nutritional practice is essential for results. This goes for those who train with or without the assistance of anabolic substances.


Have you ever met “that” guy at the gym?

He’s apparently been taking anabolic compounds for years now, yet he’s only managed to achieve a physique that pretty much any natural trainer could attain.

In fact, even by natural standards – he’s pretty average.

On balance, you know a few “monsters” who wouldn’t look too out of place in an Olympia line up, and they’ve been “using” for a similar amount of time.

What’s the difference? How on earth do the latter crowd make so much progress, when the former crowd achieve so little?

It’s almost exclusively down to a couple of areas – the first one being training practices, and the second one being nutritional practices. In regards to the first, you should seriously take a close look at the way they train…

They’ll often perform movements that “resemble” popular exercises, but they’ll either be rushed, disjointed and awkward, or both combined. These elements synergise to produce an “exercise” routine that’s neither effective nor safe.

This same person also believes that going home and eating a little chicken and pasta is all they need to do in order to get huge. Yet, they’re also frustrated at their lack of change.

What are they doing wrong here?

Well – it’s highly likely that they’re A not eating properly as a result of having no idea what their macro nutrient (the combination of all of the necessary major nutrients needed for growth and maintenance) intake should be, therefore missing out on calories, and B aren’t following a well structured plan consisting of all of the “wholesome” ingredients and food types needed to instigate change.

You should always make sure that you find out what your macronutrient balance should be based on your current physical activity level, height and age before proceeding to train at ALL. Let alone once you’re using substances.

Glue It All Together

With a well formulated macronutrient intake in conjunction with a properly formulated training plan, you can implement any anabolic steroids secured from or any other source into a truly useful structure that’ll actually deliver the results you’re looking for.

Often, it’s not that a person is using substances incorrectly (though this is also frequently the case) or that they are “lazy”, they just simply have no idea what they should be doing.

Even worse is that they have no means of getting there or support. This is disastrous in terms of making progress, and hopefully if you’re reading this – you now have the means of unlocking every nugget of your true aesthetic potential once and for all.

These two elements are the missing link in many peoples “evolution”, and should you properly weave them into your regime, your results will flood in meteorically.

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