How to Set Up A Small Gym at Home?


Setting up your own gym at home is actually a great project to consider, as it has benefits that a commercial gym may not be able to offer to you. So, here are some tips on setting up your own small gym at home so that you won’t go into such a project unequipped and uninformed.

Benefits of Having a Small Gym at Home

You Get Privacy

One of the major things that gyms lack is privacy for its users. Sure, other people can do their workouts out there for anyone to see. However, many people feel uncomfortable looking so vulnerable in public. It’s not just the sweating and heaving, gyms are also notorious places where unwarranted attention can be brought upon you. With your own home gym yes, that too with streaming workouts and you will be able to do your stretches and liftings in a safe space of your own.

Your Gym, Your Choice

With your own gym, it’s pretty convenient if you want to have your own routine, music and even equipment. You will be able to set it up the way you want and do things your way. You will be able to progress at your own pace too. On top of that, it’s even your choice when to go to the gym. With a gym right in your home, you are able to go and do your workout whenever you feel like it. Gone are the days of the fleeting feeling of productivity because the gym’s too far away.

Saves Resources

Basically, having your own small gym will help you save up on a lot of things. Time going to and from the gym is not a problem anymore as well as the monetary costs of joining a commercial gym.

Even the energy you spend traveling to the gym will be utilized for more time actually working out.

How to Set Up a Small Gym At Home

Pick Your Space

First things first:

Think about where you plan on setting up your gym.

If you have limited space available, then the usual choices are in the garage, the basement, a spare room, or even a small corner of an existing room in the house. Knowing where your gym is going to be will give you a quick idea of how much renovation or reorganization is needed to accommodate it as well as how much equipment you can actually fit in there.

Set Your Budget

As is the case in most building or renovating projects, it’s important to have a set budget. Not only will the budget tell you the extent of the changes you are able to make to ensure that your home gym becomes a reality, it will also keep you within financial bounds. To manage your budget, you’ll need to consider the renovation costs for the gym and the necessary equipment that you’ll be using. As for the equipment, you will be able to save up a lot by searching for second hand ones where they are available.

Apart from that, keep your first purchases to just the basics. After all, you won’t need a fully equipped gym immediately. Plus, your space probably won’t be able to accommodate it. Grow your collection as you go along so that you are able to manage your funds wisely.

Work Out Your Workout

What this means is that you need to set expectations for your home gym.

Ask yourself:

What fitness goals do you aim to achieve, how do you plan to achieve it and what would you need to achieve it?

Simply putting these questions into consideration will help you in the overall planning and set up of your small home gym.

Knowing what you need and expect from your own home gym will help you to better plan it. Your clear workout routine can also be posted in a visible part of your gym to remind you of what you are working towards.

Decorate and Set the Atmosphere

Arguably the most fun and exciting part of setting up your small gym at home is getting to set the atmosphere that you want. You know yourself fairly well, so it should be fair to say that you know what will motivate you and get you going.

In decorating your gym, you may also want to add the typical wall or mirrors in it. It’s not just for vanity purposes or keeping track of how your body is getting fitter. In fact, it actually helps you monitor your poses and form when you’re doing your exercises and other workout routines.

Another benefit that the mirrors provide is that they can make your small space look more spacious.


Setting up your small gym at home has a lot of great benefits that will motivate you better to work out and reach your fitness goals. It’s right in the comfort of your own home and it helps you save up more in the long run.

While it can seem like a daunting project to take on, building a garage gym or a corner gym in your home will be well worth the effort.

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