How to Make Green Tea?


Green tea is a popular drink in many countries such as China, Taiwan, Russia, Pakistan, India etc. Originally, its plants were found in China and the ancient Chinese began using it as a regular drink which later became China’s most favorite drink. The benefits of green tea are unlimited and it has been scientifically proven.

Can Green Tea Be Prepared At Home?

You can buy green tea bags from markets in your locality but can also learn how to make green tea at home as making it at home was never a problem but you have to understand few simple steps.

The tea tree plants can also be grown within your house in the backyard and you don’t have to worry about its height as this type of plants do not grow very tall.

You can also find saplings at some places and many people love the idea to get fresh and young leaves of the green tea plant to make fresh brew from their own garden.

How to Make Green Tea Taste Better?

In response to this question that how to make green tea taste better, you can find various long and short replies but the simplest answer would be knowing three important factors involved in taste making.

  • Always use pure and clean water and the quality of water should never be compromised not just in case of tea making but in general.
  • Secondly, if you grow your own tea plant and take fresh young leaves, this will give you much better taste or else go out and buy quality tea leaves. To know how to make green tea with tea bags, read carefully the instructions written on the packs.
  • Thirdly, you should also know the best level of temperature and time you spend for steeping factors. Don’t give a steeping of more than three minutes.

Make and Drink Tea Right Now

There are a few basic steps which will let you know how to make green tea taste good. Follow these steps, prepare as many cups as you want and enjoy your tasty and healthy drink right now.

  • Fill a cup of water into a pan.
  • Put it on stove.
  • Turn heat on 180° F.
  • Leave it to be boiled and when it gets boiled, put it out.
  • Take an empty tea mug.
  • Take a tea strainer filled with leaves and put it onto the mug.
  • Steep tea leaves for about two minutes. This will give you a much better taste but if you steep more than 3 minutes, this will make the taste bitter. After steeping, take the strainer away and your tea is ready to be drunk.

The above basics are for making one cup of tea and if you would like to make more cups, you can double the amount. For two cups, take two cups of water and two table spoon of tea. Hopefully, these tips have helped you learn making tea at home.

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