How To Lose Weight With Trampolile


A trampoline is an exercising gadget made up of long sheet of strong fabric connected with springs in order to throw anything upwards which falls on it. Trampolines are not only playing accessories which are helpful to the children but also they serve as a dominant exercising tool for people of all age groups. Usually, children use this equipment as a playing stuff which gives them more excitation when the trampoline pushes them up and when they reach maximum heights.

Some people think that jumping on a trampoline shall be suitable only to the children and working on the trampoline shall picture them as a clown to their neighbors and so people abstain from working on trampolines. But this belief is totally erroneous. Trampolines are not only designed for enjoyments but also for aerobic workouts. Hence, people should not feel shy to make efficient use of your trampoline to get optimistic results. It is to be noted that a person who trampolines for an hour, burns more calories than a person who runs for an hour. Hope this example is sufficient to explain the health benefits of a trampoline. Listed below are some of the techniques which tell you about losing weight with trampolines.

  1. Location of your trampoline

As you know the trampoline is a gadget which is elastic in nature. So safety precautions should be taken to reduce the risk of stumbling down from the trampoline. The most step important step in using the trampoline is to check the consistency and anchorage of the trampoline legs with the ground. Make sure that you don’t anchor your trampoline on a substratum which has less friction like a tile, marble, granite etc. Prefer the lawn to place the trampoline as it provides good consistency. Do not place the trampoline in the open attic, as it is not deemed to be safe.

  1. How to trampoline

Trampoline is not a pool of water and so don’t try to run fast and jump over it and if you do so there is a possibility of ending up with worse injuries. Make sure that your leg is free from any sort of mud or sand particles before stepping on the trampoline as it can gives an uncomfortable feeling while you jump. Start to jump slowly with least heights. Perform complex movements of your hands and legs while you are elevated from the trampoline. As you gain experience, you can increase your speed to burn more calories.

  1. Size of the trampoline

Trampolines are available in various sizes like round, rectangular, octagonal etc. Each shape corresponds to a particular level of stability. The height of the trampoline should be adjusted as per the weight and the height of the person using it. If an adult jumps, on the trampoline whose height is very low then there is a possibility for him to encounter the substratum when he jumps higher. Hence, adequate height and size of the trampoline should be preferred before using it. In case of children, the height should be minimized in order to prevent them from stumbling out of the trampoline.

  1. Stability

Like the size of the device, the structure of the legs around the circumference of the trampoline also adds to the stability of the entire setup. The vertical legs from the trampoline should descend from the very end of the frame. If the vertical leg descends down like a cantilever beam there is a possibility of getting stumbled when you step at the edge of the trampoline. Also, the upper two thirds portions of the vertical legs should be straight without any bends in order to reinforce the stability of the equipment.

  1. High knees and butt kickers

While you jump on the trampoline start slowly and gradually increase your height. Don’t try to increase your speed at the beginning itself as it may end up in worse landing. High knees are simple workouts which can be achieved by jumping with one foot on the trampoline and bringing the free knee near the chest while you are in the air. Repeat this with both legs simultaneously for several minutes to provide intense cardio workout and to strengthen your core region. Moreover, butt kickers are also another aerobic exercise which tones your calves and gluteus muscles. Jump off from the trampoline and bring both the knees to chest or touch both the heels with your gluteus to perform butt kickers. Repeat these steps till you are tired.

  1. Exercise without straining your legs

Regular cardio exercises involve running, jogging, climbing, hiking, rowing etc. and most of these exercises shall hurt your feet but putting the weight of the whole body on it throughout the workout. But trampoline workout is a spectacular and amiable form of workout which provides you a stable workout without straining your feet. Moreover, it massages the heels, toe fingers, and the associated leg muscles and relieves the user from pain.

  1. Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are superior workouts which concentrates much on the fats in the body. To do a perfect jumping jack split your legs apart; bring your hands overhead as you move up and bring back your arms to the side of your body as you descend down. They are really gentle workouts which reduce strain on your hips, knees and feet. Proceed with the workout for 10 minutes which pours sweat all over your body thereby reducing cholesterol and unwanted fats from the body.

  1. Increased intensity

Once you have understood the stability and the height of your jump you can gradually improve your moves from the basic to the intermediate level. In this level, you have to increase the intensity of your workouts as fast as possible. Don’t try to increase the height of the jumps because it can provide you more time to rest while you are in the air thus reducing the intensity. Try to do as many reps you can do in a limited time. Jogging faster, jumping jacks, squats can be done at various difficulty levels to increase the workout for your core muscles.

  1. Active immune system

Trampoline workouts not only provide enjoyment to the user, it also provides an efficient working of the immune system by inducing the bone marrow. Lymphatic system is a part of the immune system in our body. Trampoline workouts induce the lymphatic vessels functions well by the increased flow of the lymph. Moreover, trampoline workouts strengthen the valves of the veins in the lower half of the body thereby reducing varicose problems in the veins.

  1. Eliminates cancer

Trampoline is a magical and interesting workout which reduces the risk against cancer. The lymphatic system produces fluid called lymph, which is responsible to collect the dead bacterial cells, damage and aged cells and any other cellular wastes and drains into the lymph vessels. Since cancer cells are also unwanted cells, they are also easily eliminated by the lymph giving you a healthy body.

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