How to Get Skinny in a Week Fast – Part 2


In part one of this post, a few tips were presented about how to get skinny within a week, and here in this part, some more tips are being presented for you so that you can quickly make your dream come true of getting skinny. Here are the tips in continuity of the last post.

Detoxification of Fat Cells in the Body

You are living in an air which is full of dirt, dust, smoke and pollution. You breathe and take such impurities in your body which causes a number of health problems including fat gain. Moreover, you eat unhealthy foods and wrong foods choices cause the storage of fatty acids in your body which make you look bloated. To get rid of this condition, you can pay a visit to a spa where your body will be wrapped up well to detoxify fat cells in the body. Detoxification of your fatty cells will force the toxins to leave out of your body which will enable you to lose excessive fat quickly.

Light Weight Exercise

Nobody can deny the importance of exercises to live a healthy life but merely taking exercise cannot help you stay healthy and fit if you are not eating proper foods. If you are having right meal and drinking a sufficient amount of water every day, you just need to add 30 minutes or even less of exercises to your plan. You don’t have to do heavy weight lifting but just simple exercises such as power walking, running, swimming, jogging or climbing up and down the stairs would be great enough to get skinny in a very short period.

Final Words

‘How can I get super skinny in a week without dieting?’ was your question and hopefully you have understood clearly what you actually need to do to get skinny. You need to set your goal that how much weight you need to burn and in how many days. Stick with your dieting plan and do exercise regularly. You can also buy a food dietary which will make it easier for you keep the record of your progress and the track of progress will enable you to decide how much effort now you need to make to achieve your goal.

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