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The glamourous Madonna has guns, as does the exquisite Jennifer Aniston. Let us not forget American’s former first lady, Michelle Obama, here. She makes her guns look particularly demure. No, we do not mean artillery, we are talking about the tough sculpted upper arms that say, ‘Hey, I am lady. Do not even think of messing with me.’ They look so lovely in a strapless dress as well. But whilst lots of ladies long to slim down their arms, few are hesitant to target such area. As per Toronto-based personal trainer, Alex Bourgeois, a lot of ladies are afraid of doing upper-body workouts. As soon as one mentions weights, women are like: “Ewwwwww! do not want to bulk up.” But unless one is aiming to be a competitive & tough body builder, it is unlikely that she will end up looking like Ms. Hulk. No doubt, it is really not easy for women to bulk up, but it is so incredible what weights & resistance training can do for them.

Women must pump up their heart, muscles, & build bigger arms or build strong biceps ( ). Usually weights are suggested for everybody for biceps or triceps training, but one needs to do cardio too with weights. One can not opt one and forget other. Now question here is: how to build strong biceps ? It is simple. Try these targeted arm workouts twice a week with two of days cardio in between. If one has really worked hard & torn her muscles, the cells are going to require at least two days to grow back.

1):- Push-ups: This standard exercise is week known. It us a must-do if one is serious about toning his arms. Each weight routine includes push-ups. For this: One needs to begin by lying down on a exercise mat or some plain surface with hands placed directly underneath shoulders. Now come up onto hands & knees in a tabletop position (instead of straining to do fewer full push-ups, it is great to start off with both knees on the ground). One needs to keep the body straight as she slowly lower herself down to the floor. Exhale as one is pushing up.

2):- Bench press: This exercise works the best in case of triceps & pectoral muscles. For this: On some weight-lifting bench, lie on back with both feet planted strongly on the floor. With both hands, reach up to grasp the barbell. Pull the barbell down toward chest then push it away from you. And do not make it so easy. As per fitness experts and trainers, ‘we want folks to always do at least 10 repetitions utilising as much weight as they can’. Tip: Ask any of your gym staff member to spot you for this workout’s step to make sure you are utilising the barbell safely. If one does not like to go gym, she can take assistance of any of her family member to make sure you are doing well.

3):- Seated row: One’s arms can not do anything without engaging her shoulders & back. It is necessary to work the muscles that aid the movement of real life. After one has pushed the bar away from herself in the bench press, she need to achieve the opposite movement by pulling the bar toward her chest. That is where her gym’s rowing machine comes in. Seat on the machine, now grasp the handles, straighten back & pull the bar towards  chest. Such movement targets the biceps & latissimus dorsi muscles. If not gymoholic, sit on chair, straight your arms, bring them back towards chest making a “V”. Here your back fat are going to be removed. This step is more like 2 in 1.

4):- Biceps curl: Women usually do not realize how strong they are. Each of them carry 40 pounds of groceries as part of her routine. But when it comes to gym, they make excuses to not do arms’ workout. Well… For this: standing with feet shoulder-width apart, grasp a dumbbell of any weight in each hand, palms facing forward, & bend elbows, pulling the weights up toward shoulders. That is it. Done.

5):- Triceps kick-back: It too can be easily done at home. Without any aid. For this: Grasp one dumbbell in right hand, with elbow next to waist & at a 90-degree angle. From standing, slightly bend knees & bend at the hips into a flat-back position. Keeping elbow locked to the body & engaging core for stability, straighten out arm behind then bend it back toward chest at a 90-degree angle. Do 12 reps, then repeat with the left arm.

Bottom line:

Not just women, men too can try these workout to build bigger arms .


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