How to: force yourself into healthiness


It doesn’t take a genius to understand that staying healthy requires a finely tuned balance of nutritional foodstuffs and regular exercise. You’ve seen it in a thousand government adverts, millions of musty pamphlets in your GP’s waiting room and been told by your GP that you’ve got to buck up your ideas.

Yet no matter what you’re told, the basic concepts of good health still haven’t been drummed into your head.

But, much like in a Russian Gulag, there are always other ways to make you cooperate with good health.

Some people don’t agree with the idea of forcing people into healthy lifestyles. They call it the nanny state and claim that it’s indicative of too much government interference. But if you force yourself into good health, you’ll notice many of the benefits.

We’ve come up with a few ways to do this – so why not give them a try?

Get expensive

You might not value your health, but you certainly place a lot of worth in the cash in your wallet. And if you start splashing the cash on fitness objects, you’ll feel duty-bound to use them.

This is a question of convenience more than anything. If you choose a pair of moderately priced and suitably comfortable running shoes over a pair of tatty gym shoes you found in a bargain bin at Clark’s, you’ll inevitably go jogging more frequently because your experience will be improved.

The same goes for having an exercise machine in your home. If it’s there, you’ll use it. So shell out and get a convenient hit of good health.

On the course

When you were cramming for an exam back in your school days, you got it done. You pushed yourself further than you ever had before or ever have since, staying up all night with a percolating flask of coffee by your side and 50 textbooks surrounding you on a work table.

So why not apply the same level of determination towards studying for fitness courses online? There are many providers of fitness courses on the internet, and many will eventually provide you with a qualification you can use to become a professional fitness trainer.

These courses are designed specifically to provide you with all the knowledge you need to stay fit and eat healthily. Sign up for one and you’ll markedly improve your fitness levels.

Limit your shopping list

There’s something to be said for having a few treats in your shopping basket, but you’ve got to put the brakes on too many packets of Jaffa Cakes and Tunnock’s Teacakes. Instead, limit your shopping list to healthy goods, including only one treat to sate your sweet tooth. If you don’t have too much junk in your house, you’ll be less likely to eat rubbish.

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Khalid Irfan is blogger by passion and digital marketer by profession, he is a health enthusiast too. He loves to share about Health and Fitness tips, Diet, Nutrition and Natural home made remedies for our day to day health problems.