How Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables Can Help Ease Back Pain


Inversion tables are increasingly gaining in popularity. Teeter Hang Ups is one of the brands that is promising to help vanish back pain for good, and the reviews seem to back this up. The premise behind inversion table therapy is to use gravity to help reduce pressure, realign your spine, and help maximize blood flow. This kind of therapy has been around for ages. It has been used with great results to improve blood circulation, improve flexibility, and even improve posture. Below, we will be going over some of the benefits of using this kind of inversion table.

Benefits Of Using Inversion Tables:

  1. Realign The Spine

One of the biggest ways that this kind of table can help reduce back pain is by realigning the spine. Because a lot of our daily activities cause our spine to become misaligned, this kind of table can help to realign it. Unfortunately, a misaligned spine can cause a lot of problems. Not only can it result in visual changes to your posture, but it can even cause significant problems both short and long term and some of the changes that it can ignite can be degenerative.

  1. Reduce Nerve Pressure

A lot of back pain is likely a direct result of having nerve pressure along the spine. By using this kind of treatment, you should be able to create maximum clearance for your nerves and spine which can alleviate any sort of pressure that can result in the pinching of a nerve.  

  1. Helps Relax Tense Muscles

Another way that this particular method can help to decrease back pain is because the increased circulation that results from the inversion therapy can actually minimize inflammation within the body and reduce the amount of tension in your muscles.

  1. Improve Joint Health

Another reason it can help to minimize the amount of back pain that you are experiencing is because of it’s ability to help improve your joint health. Because this kind of therapy has the ability to help stimulate the synovial fluid that essentially works to moisturize and nourish the cartilage that is found in joints, it will be able to help make them work much smoother and improve overall shock absorption.

In the end, this kind of inversion table can really help improve your overall health and wellness in total, but most important in your back. If you are someone that is dealing with any sort of back pain, you might want to check into this kind of table as it can have tremendous benefits that can help minimize back pain. Not only can it help to reduce overall inflammation, but it can also help to hydrate your joints, increase blood circulation in your body, and more. It is a great investment for anyone that is suffering from any sort of back pain and anyone that sits for long periods of time as it can cause major structural changes in your spine which can lead to problems down the road.

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