Hide From The Inside: Practical Ways To Conceal Your Tattoos Temporarily


Positively, you love to show off your impressive tattoo to your peers and friends. However, if you want to disguise your tattoo from your conservative families or you want to look professional in your upcoming interview, you can quickly conceal your inks with some skin products along with other steps below.

Indeed, if you know what procedure to take, in only a few minutes, you can make your tattoo temporarily invisible. Here are some of the things you should remember to conceal your tattoos temporarily.

Long Sort of Clothing

A high-collared or a turtleneck shirt can disguise tattoos on the sides and back of the neck. In addition to that, ¾ or long sleeves cover can tattoo on the forearms and biceps. On the other hand, for women with tattoos on thighs, ankles, and calves, dark knee-length boots or tights can hide some visible leg tattoos.

Further, long slacks can work excellently for both men and women with tattoos on the leg. More so, an undershirt beneath a dark-colored tank top or a dress shirt under a sweater may reduce the visibility of colorful, large stomach and chest tattoos. Lastly, a light suit coat made of cotton during the warm seasons can also to conceal forearm, bicep, and back tattoos.

Let Your Hair Down

The easiest way to conceal a tattoo in the accessible location which is at the back of your neck is to let your hair down. You can dress your hair up in a free pony and still cover your tattoo at the back of your neck by allowing some tendrils fall out of the clip.

Then, you can rock a messy hair and hide that precious tattoo. However, it will take a little effort and some hair product as well.

Makeup Products

Some professional makeup brands provide a solution for concealing tattoos. These products are effective, due to their massive coverage and a broad variety of colors, which can pair nearly any skin tone. Here are some of them:

● Full coverage foundation – A product you will want to hide your tattoo is a full coverage foundation. Using this variety of foundation is critical since it will serve as the seat of your tattoo-concealing cycle and help make sure that you won’t need to use a much concealer afterward.

You should have an enduring full coverage foundation that has a weightless feel and comes in various shades so that you can quickly find one that matches best with your skin tone. Also, feel free to browse online to look for the best powder foundation.

● Color Correcting crayon – Another makeup product you should consider using is a color corrector to help cover your tattoo.

If your tattoo contains red color, for instance, a green color corrector can help neutralize the surface of the red hues in your tattoo, making you cut down on the amount of concealer and foundation you will need to apply to cover it.

● Theatrical Makeup – Theatrical makeup or a stage makeup is another product to consider and what makeup artists use on film and stage actors.

Since this type of makeup is used to make varieties of effects and can transform the look of actors and actresses, it can indeed be used to conceal tattoos. More so, it’s also resistant as it can stay on you’re sweating out under any environment.

Use an Airbrush Tan

When talking about tattoos for women, if your tattoo is light in color or pretty small, it can be possible to disguise it up using an airbrush spray tan. Indeed, these spray tans don’t only darken your skin, but can also cover imperfections and even out skin tone.

Hence, head to the tanning salon in your area to inquire if they offer airbrushing services. Then, you can show them your tattooed skin and ask if they think that the treatment could effectively cover it up.


Tattoos can be fine works of art, but they are not always welcome in each situation. Again, whether it’s a family reunion, job interview, or even your wedding, you probably want to have the best way to get that tattoo covered up. Hence, consider those items mentioned above if ever you come into a situation where you have to cover your tattoos.

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