Healthy Foods That You Can Grow At Home


One of the biggest challenges about eating healthy is the grocery shopping. It can be hard to find healthy food that is up to your standards, and it can be expensive. To make a nutritious lifestyle easier, you can grow your own food at home from your kitchen scraps. Here are a few healthy foods that you can regrow at home.

  1. Leafy Greens

You can replant almost any leafy green you can imagine in your home. Take the leaves off the stem of the lettuce (or whatever green you have). Then, place the stem in a bowl of water in a sunny place. Leave it there and watch shoots grow through it. After a few weeks, it will be ready for your salad.

  1. Lemon Grass

Take the root of lemon grass and place it in a glass with some water. After a week passes, you should see new roots growing. Then, you can transplant it into a pot or the ground. Be sure to use good soil. If you compost, you can use soil from your composter. If you don’t yet compost, check out for advice.

  1. Potatoes

Potatoes are nutritious and very easy to regrow. In fact, all you need is a peel with some eyes on it. Once it starts to grow roots, you can plant it in your garden.

  1. Garlic

Garlic has numerous health benefits. To grow your own, store one clove until it develops shoots. Then, plant it in a pot or in the ground. It may take only three months for you to have your own fresh garlic.

  1. Pineapple

When you have a sweet tooth, a pineapple can save the day. Grow your own by replanting the top from an already eaten pineapple. It may take a couple of years before you get a fruit from it, but it’s worth the wait.

  1. Avocado

Avocados are a great source of healthy fat, but they are expensive. So, save money by growing your own tree. Take an avocado seed and suspend it in a glass so the bottom half is submerged in water. You can do this by poking two toothpicks in the side of the seed and resting them on the glass. Place it in the sun for a few weeks. When it has roots, you can plant it in your garden. You can also try planting it before it has roots, but there’s a chance the seed won’t take. Avocado trees can get large, so be careful where you choose to plant it.

  1. Ginger

Ginger doesn’t only taste great – it’s also great for you. To grow your own, take a small portion of the ginger. Place it in small pot of soil with the buds above the soil. Then, store the put in a sunny place and water it.

Finding healthy recipes is easy. Finding the ingredients for those recipes just got a little easier. When you have your own healthy garden at home, eating right comes naturally.

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