Frequently Asked Questions About Jogging – Part 2


Q 11) Does jogging make your legs bigger?

Different people have different body physique and you must have seen some having thick legs while other having thin legs. If you want to build stronger and bigger legs, you really need to work too hard as simply including jogging in your workout might not be as useful as the combination of other cardio and weight lifting exercises.

Q 12) Does jogging help lose belly fat?

If you jog regularly, this should have improved your metabolism which is quite good as your overall body health depends upon your metabolic rate. As far as belly fat is concerned jogging might be an effective tool to lose belly fat but you should do the jogging alone to target specific body areas. Despite, you should use a complete workout plan to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Q 13) Does jogging make you lose weight?

Yes, jogging actually make you lose weight. If you are doing regular jogging workouts at least 3 times a week, you can easily lose massive weight. But you should keep in mind that jogging is a slow pace exercise which takes time and if you are ready to be patient then just keep doing whatever you are doing.

Q 14) Does jogging tone your body?

Jogging is considered to be a high-intensity workout which has the ability to burn a huge number of calories as well as tone your body muscles. However, you should remember that jogging cannot define or sculpt the muscles of your specific body part like the other heavy weight lifting exercise can do.

Q 15) Does jogging tone your stomach?

Jogging is basically a cardio which helps you improve heart rate and in consequence you get toned body muscles including stomach. However, the exercise which is mostly suggested by the expert to tone stomach is push-ups which directly get involved with stomach muscles.

Q 16) Does jogging lower blood pressure?

Yes, jogging is quite effective in controlling the blood pressure in your body as this exercise greatly improves the heart rate. You can also use cardio exercises such as walking, running and biking which all are considered to be quite good for improving blood stream in the body.

Q 17) Does jogging reduce belly fat?

If you want to increase lean muscles in your body, the better choice for you should be resistance training but when it is about reducing fat, there is nothing better than aerobic exercises including jogging. Jogging is used to target the overall body fat which also includes belly fat in general.

Q 18) Does jogging increase height?

When it is about the possibility of growing height of a person, the common belief is that if you have passed eighteen years of your life, there are very low chances that you can grow anymore. However, jogging can give your body a leaner look with which you can look 1-2 inches taller than your actual height.

Q 19) Does jogging work your abs?

When you jog, your body burn fat and it can be a good sign for building abs muscles. Thus, it can be said that jogging actually plays its part in building abs muscles. However, if you are burning fat for building abs, you should also be carefully about your diet which is a secondary factor in abs building.

Q 20) Does jogging reduce weight?

The basic idea behind jogging is to burn calories and lose weight. If you also combine other workouts with your regular weight loss plan, you can speed up the process of weight reduction. In this connection, you can also spar some time for swimming which is really a good exercise to reduce weight.

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