Four Ways To Stay in Shape While Working Long Hours



For some, their career defines how well they live their lives. With the cost of living rising every day, having a solid career is necessary in order to live a financially comfortable lifestyle. For this reason, people have become so determined to move up the corporate ladder, spending more hours of their lives in the office and less time relaxing.

More people are leaning towards 60-plus hours at work every week. That is equivalent to 12 hours during weekdays. But you can’t really blame people for working this hard. The one who works harder and smarter than the rest may be lined up for the next managerial position.

The reasons aside, people are working longer hours, and those who work more may be experiencing more stress than those who work less. Lack of time for your social life may be an issue. Family and relationship problems may also occur. What stands out above all other stresses “workaholic” people may experience is health and wellness.

This is why it is important for each person to be aware of the ways to deal with stress intelligently and efficiently.

Here are the four commandments to stay in shape while working long hours.

When in Doubt, Walk

Walking has been proven to be one of the most effective exercises because it allows key body parts to move. When a person walks, it is not only the legs that are worked out. The arms are moving as they sway, and the back is strengthened when a person walks with the right posture. In addition to it being the simplest exercise there is, walking also helps with cardiovascular health, strengthening the heart muscles and lowering blood pressures.

The right technique for walking includes having the head postured up with the eyes looking forward and not at the ground. The neck, shoulders and back need not be stiffly upright, but relaxed.

Walk whenever possible, whether you’re heading to the market, strolling around the neighborhood or going to the office. It may be best to walk if your workplace or usual public transit stop is a few blocks away, rather than drive. Walking makes it easy to reap often-missed fitness and health rewards.

Sleep is Not for the Weak

Sleeping is the best way to make the body stronger and more invigorated.

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, sleep plays an important role in an individual’s physical health. For instance, sleep is involved in healing and repair of a person’s heart and blood vessels. The organization also adds that ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

Sleep also plays a huge role in brain functionality. Studies show that a good night’s sleep prepares the brain for the next grueling work day, forming new pathways to learn and retain information. This is especially important in today’s competitive world, where everyone seems to be at their top level of productivity.

Breakfast is a Must

It is a cardinal sin for many people who work long hours to disregard one of the first chances the body can be energized. Some treat breakfast as just an option. This type of attitude must be changed completely because breakfast, as everyone knows, is the most important meal of the day.

You might be rushing out the door, or just aren’t hungry or motivated enough to prepare something in the morning. That doesn’t mean that breakfast should be taken for granted. To address this, try opting for breakfast meals that is easier to prepare. Cereal in the morning is a good start, since it takes about one minute to prepare. It packs in a good amount of protein and calcium from milk, and carbohydrates and fiber for energy.

If eating cereals is not a good fit, then you may opt for fruits that you can take on the go, such as apples and pears. You can also prepare a quick fruit or veggie shake using carrots or apples. Add oatmeal on the side, and it becomes a high-nutrition meal that can power up a productive work day.

Desk Workouts Work

As the work week progresses, office warriors might realize that it isn’t easy to give time to the gym. After work, people are usually exhausted and might just rather relax at home. Physical health experts have found a way to address the needs for physically by exercising at work.

This practice is dubbed desk workouts. This type of workout tweaks physical workouts into subtler, but effective exercises. There are a bunch out there, but a few of these workouts are particularly outstanding because of their simplicity and its effectivity.

One of best examples is a an exercise anyone can do while sitting in a chair. While seated, your leg must be lifted from the seat, extended out straight, held there for 2 seconds, and then lowered back to the ground.

To exercise both feet, switch and do each leg 15 times.

To work on the chest and shoulders, place both hands on the arms of your chair and slowly lift your buttocks off the chair.

By doing this exercise, anyone can work out little by little while still handling important matters at work.

Of course, if things get too crazy with your workplace demands, you can always start looking for another job. But, for most people, finding ways to get some exercise during work or live a healthier lifestyle in their current position is probably the better option.

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