Five quick Post-workout meals


After you’ve smashed your workout or training session you’ll inevitably begin to feel hungry. However, whether you’re feeling peckish or not – you need to eat. Post workout nutrition is a vital part of recovery and to ignore it is to lose out on muscle repair and can even harm your weight loss!

During a workout, your body burns fuel – so your muscles have to be fed to repair them and help build them up. Fatty foods should be avoided as they slow digestion and inhibit the good nutrients getting into your body.

Here are five of the fastest, easiest and tastiest post workout meals you can possibly create to boost your protein intake and keep your weight down.

 Spinach + Kale Omelette

Crack 3-4 eggs into a bowl, whisk them up and pour into a pan. Cook and then remove. Simple.

Taking just 5-6 minutes to prepare and cook, an omelette is an easy choice for post-workout recovery thanks to its low-calorie, high protein nutritional profile. Throwing spinach and kale into the omelette helps provide a serving of greens that help replace lost glycogen through their fibre content.

If you’re trying to add muscle you can add some lean meats to your omelette. Try throwing in some cooked chicken or ham and mixing together for a more nutritionally varied meal.

 Beef Steak and Baked Sweet Potato

Steak is a terrific source of protein and even provides natural creatine. Find a lean cut of beef steak and prepare it with a choice of seasoning, then cook in a griddle pan as desired.

You can add in a cooked sweet potato for a source of healthy carbohydrate that is packed with vitamins A, B5, B6, riboflavin and is fat-free.

 Salmon and Couscous Salad

Salmon is a lean and healthy source of protein that boosts brain health thanks to its EPA and DHA fish oil content, which make up the essential fatty acid Omega 3. Salmon can be oven-cooked or pan-fried. You can add some taste to the dish by squeezing a lemon onto the fish.

Coucous is a clean, healthy carbohydrate that is good for replacing lost energy without adding on the pounds.

Chicken Breast and White Rice

Chicken breast is an incredibly easy and versatile meal choice. It is ideal for a range of fitness athletes thanks to its low fat, low carb, high protein content. It can also be cooked in the oven, fried on the go and reheated (only once) – making it versatile and a favourite of bodybuilders, who tend to cook it in advance and consume throughout the week.

White rice is a refined carbohydrate and should only be eaten post-workout, where the fast acting spike of insulin can help replace lost energy.

Protein Shakes

A full training session can leave you feeling sickly sometimes, and a full meal may be impossible. A protein shake is a good idea here, as it’ll help you get the protein in you without bloating.

Even if you’re about to eat a post-workout meal, a quick protein shake can help supplement the amount of protein you get in your body – preventing a loss of muscle gain and helping you replace bodyfat with muscle.

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