Best Fat Loss Workout Routines


The main reason why majority of the people can’t get good results from their weight loss program is that they don’t have access to the most accurate amount of information that is helpful for all weight losers. However, in this article, you will find the information about exercises as well as nutrition to lose weight effectively.

Fat Loss Cardio Workouts

If you are looking for the best form of cardio workouts which must be effective to lose weight and tone muscles, here you will learn about it. There was a time when low intensity cardio was considered to be the most effective workouts for burning excessive fat, however, with the passage of time, latest techniques are being developed and new ways are being found and one of those ways is called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Varuious studies & research has indicated the significance of HIIT and its impact on weight reduction. (Study1) (Study 2)

Best Workout for Fat Loss


  • It might seem to be a little surprising to you if you have always been listening to that lower intensity workouts are great. Now in this article you are being told that High Intensity Interval Training workouts are best so you are right to be confused.
  • Things have changed now and with the help of HIIT, you will be able to meld away maximum amount of fat while you don’t have to spend lots of your time and money for this purpose. Now this is the time when you really need to change your weight loss approach from low moderate intensity intervals to the high intensity intervals.
  • You are always told that the use of low intensity fat loss workout routines will help you burn more amount of calories just in 30-45 minutes than the high intensity of 15 minutes. You prefer lower intensity because you don’t have to work too hard but when you do HIIT and leave the gym, you experience huge amount of calories burned.
  • While you are doing HIIT for about 15 minutes, you will not find it easy as you have to work much harder than the lower intensity exercise. However, you will be getting the advantages of higher amount of calories consumption. Another important thing about HIIT is that it can be performed on different exercise machines and even you can do it outdoors.

Follow HIIT Workout Routines for Fat Loss


  • In the first place, you should start with moderate pace i.e. 30 seconds which can be gradually increased and you can try as hard as possible and also put extra miles.
  • When you have finished with the same, you can repeat the same again for as many times as you can or follow the recommended number of repetition.
  • You might be using treadmill but you need to increase the level of intensity on an exercise machine rather than treadmill and off course this would be quite challenging for you.
  • You need finish with 5-8 intervals when you do it for the first time and then you will realize that it is more difficult than you thought about it.
  • When you are done exercises, take about 5 minutes to cool your body down.
  • The working sets might take from 5 minute to 8 minutes and you will find yourself on the way to get successful weight loss.

Post Workout Meal for Fat Loss


  • It has been proven in a study that post workout meal is really important for losing weight as those who don’t have post workout meal when they are done with their workouts suffer from various problems such as having slower metabolism which automatically reduces your body’s ability to lose weight and you also experience muscles loss.
  • While on the other hands, it has also been proven that those who consume post workout meals find it the most effective recovery technique which works greatly for them to get significant amount of weight loss. Workouts for fat loss will help you get lean muscles along with an improved metabolism along with strength.
  • When you use a properly designed meal plan after you are done with your workouts, you are actually providing your body with lean muscles and repairing of the damage muscles.
  • Remember that having more amount of lean muscles will get you even higher rate of metabolism and you will find even faster weight loss and surely this will not just be easy but it will also be long term strategy for you.

Whole Foods & Supplement Shakes with Fat Loss Workout Plan


What do you think about supplement shakes or whole foods? Different people have different opinions and some think that supplements are better than whole foods but most don’t agree with it.

  • The first thing that you have to keep in your mind is that every day you have to eat comparatively a much smaller amount of whole foods which is surely one of the major part of you plan.
  • Also remember that having food frequently will get you controlled glycemic responses as the high fiber are digested slowly.
  • You should also know that the normal meal that you have every day normally contains protein and healthy fat which are digested slowly and they are necessary so your body can be supplied amino acids steadily.
  • There are dozens of researches and studies which have been made on this particular subject and it says that the ratio from carbs to the protein is approximately 2-1 (read here)
  • The above ration is thought to be the most optimal point for the combination of these two things to boost the process of muscles maximizing for getting long term weight loss results.
  • When you want to make shakes for your post workout meal you can use whey protein, frozen banana and water and some amount of maple syrup would be providing the same 2:1 ratio from carbs to protein.

Final Words

Combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with your nutrition plan to prepare the best full body workout for fat loss and then see how effectively it works for you.

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