Dandasana Yoga – The Pose of The Stick


with the queen of the sitting poses known as Dandasana. One of the advantages of dandasana is that it can be practiced almost anywhere, especially for the people who do office work. Doing dandasana for 1-2 minutes during work will revitalize and correct your posture and the most amazing thing is that no one will notice you are doing yoga.

If I had to choose tadasana sitting version, that would be dandasana. Among other benefits, dandasana corrects the alignment in sitting position. In a society where we spend most of our lives sitting, it is vital to practice the correct position of the involved areas as thighs, hips and spine in this position. In addition to correcting alignment, the proper execution of dandasana conditions thighs, calves, psoas and abdominals. Dandasana prepares musculoskeletal system to push front plane sharper as Paschimottanasana.

How to Perform Dandasana (the pose of the stick)?

Sit with your legs stretched forward, trying to get all the dorsal part of the legs in contact with floor. Place your palms on the floor, on each side of the hip, and take this support to strengthen spine and promote a forward rotation of pelvis, trying to sit on the bottom of ischia bones. If your body dimensions do not allow you to touch the floor with your hands, find a couple of books (equal size) or bricks to cover the difference. The chest should be open and sternum lifted, but do not overdo this action, taking care not to push the shoulders back.

Push forward your heels trying to be the most developed part of the body. To enhance this process, while pushing your heels, pull the toes toward you. This should motivate the back of the legs to stick to the floor. Do not let your heels off the ground as this would denounce hyperextension of the knees which should be avoided.

Once this is achieved, without losing the length achieved in the Achilles heels, try to push forward the ball of the foot, including trying to separate the toes. This should activate quadriceps in legs. Now revisit the position and try to bring the beads further below.

Without neglecting muscle action achieved in the legs inhale expanding the rib cage up and widening the intercostal spaces. Try to keep the length achieved in the intercostal spaces when you exhale (this can cause breathing to be dim). After reaching the pose, the feeling should be like we are pulling for the heels and the crown with hip in the middle keeping the system in balance. Hold the pose as long as you can and maintain muscle action, seeking to reach 1 minute.

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