Common Facts That People Get Wrong About Vaping


While the smoking industry is among the largest and most profitable one around the globe, the vaping industry is slowly catching up. Although the adversities of smoking aren’t news to anyone, one of the reasons why vaping has gained such popularity in the past few years is because it offers the same high, without the lethal nicotine intake.

While the future of the vaping industry seems prolific, there are a lot of things that are misconceived about it. The following are some of the most common misconceptions that users have about vaping.

A Lot of Nicotine Exposure

Have you ever wondered why selling e-cigarettes to minors is normally prohibited? It is because certain products contain nicotine in them. A lot of users think that using these products will keep them entirely away from nicotine, but that’s not true.

What’s good, however, is that not every electronic cigarette contains nicotine. Furthermore, those that do contain it, have this substance in an extremely minute amount. So by using e-cigarettes, you might not be completely safe from nicotine exposure, but the difference in the amount of exposure can help you live a far healthier life with electronic products.

Cure for Cancer

Millions of people who are switching to vaping products become a part of this industry thinking that it will keep them away from cancer. You should know that nicotine on its own is not the substance that causes cancer. It’s the tar that is present in cigarettes.

This does not necessarily mean that using vaporizers is the way to build a shield against cancer. However, using these electronic vaporizers instead of smoking cigarettes does mean that the risk of contracting cancer reduces significantly.

Vaporizers VS Vape Pens

Another common thing that people get wrong is the difference between vaporizers and vape pens. In the simplest of the terms, vaporizers are devices that vaporize blends of herbs like cannabis. On the other hand, a standard vape pen uses e-liquids which are vaporized for inhalation.

The Myth of Ingredients

A large majority of people who don’t vape think that the liquid used in them is composed of shady chemicals. This is a false notion. There are four key ingredients that are used in preparing the vaping liquid—VG, Flavouring, Propylene Glycol, and Pharmaceutical-grade Nicotine.

VG produces vapour, food flavouring is for colours, Propylene Glycol is an ingredient also found in asthma inhalers, and a minimal amount of nicotine (not all products contain it). There is nothing shady or harmful about any of the four key ingredients of the vaping liquid.

It Doesn’t Help You Quit Smoking

One of the biggest arguments non-users or smokers tend to make against e-cigarettes is that they don’t help a person quit smoking. It’s funny how several different researches have proven otherwise. In fact, an international survey was conducted to see if e-cigarettes even help with the withdrawal symptoms. Over 70% of the people revealed that it absolutely helped in dealing well with the otherwise excruciating smoke-withdrawal symptoms.

Furthermore, over 90% of the total people surveyed even said that using e-cigarettes has helped them greatly reduce the number of cigarettes they smoked. In short, to say that e-cigarettes don’t offer any assistance in quitting smoking would just be wrong.

Vaping Benefits Aren’t Backed by Research

Another very common myth is that the benefits of e-cigarettes have not been backed by any major organisation, hence they are false. To prove them wrong, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has said that electronic cigarettes are a far better alternative to nicotine replacement therapies for smokers.

The Royal College of Physicians in London has also said something along the same lines. According to them, e-cigarettes can actually lead to a fall in the number of smokers. In a nutshell, there is enough evidence and backing of major health-related organisations to prove that e-cigarettes are a better alternative to smoking.

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