Cellulite Factor Review – A Product by Dr. Charles Livingston, the Maker of Fat Loss Factor


Here we are going to discuss about an effective cellulite removal program, which is known as Cellulite Factor Review. This will help you in finding out that how the program can help in eliminating cellulite and having a flawless complexion.

The complete package and features of the program

• The first part of this eBook is related to deep information about the cellulite characteristics and its removals. The quantity and quality of information is quite impressive and practical.
• This program is based on five unique steps, which will help in getting rid of cellulites forever. The first step is based on detoxification methods, which will heal the body internally. All of the harmful toxins will be washed away from the body and stop the fat from depositing any further.
• In the next phase user of this program has to focus deeply on the diet plan, which will remove cellulites. The main purpose of this diet plan is to purify the lymph system. In the third step one needs to make use of the anti cellulite supplements which will prove beneficial in the long run.
• These supplements help in eliminating cellulites on permanent basis by balancing the hormonal levels, boost fat burning and also improve the overall health. Fourth step is quite unique which is known as the coffee grind wrap technique. The secrets of this technique are not clear yet but it is an effective and a unique cellulite removal natural remedy.
• In the last process lymph purification is supported with the help of a special cleansing formula. It is a unique process which has long lasting effect on the body and will leave it rejuvenated.

About the Author

Name of the author of this program is Dr. Charles who is a medical researcher and health expert. After suffering from the cellulites for many years the author came up with a definite solution, which is based on natural techniques.


• There is a special cellulite Cookbook, which will help you in consuming the right food items.
• A journal for your daily record is also included in this book where you can keep a track of the food intake and daily activities.
• There is a special grocery list for you to buy the right items.
• The anti-toxic guide will help you in escaping those food items, which are dangerous.


Yes, this program comes with a money back guarantee of sixty days, which clearly tells us about the authenticity of the program.

Users’ Feedback


• There is ample information related to the successful removal of the cellulites, which can help the beginners in understanding their problem clearly.
• It is based on a unique detoxification program, which will remove all of the toxins away from the body.
• This program leaves and overall good effect on the user due to significant improvement in health.


• This program is extremely effective for those who are within the normal weight graph. Those who are overweight will not find proper exercise plans in this program to get rid of cellulites.
• There is a unique coffee grind wrap technique, which lacks proper illustration and video.
• There are few segments of information, which have been repeated with the same meaning.

Final Verdict – Is It Cellulite Factor Scam?

According to the offered price this program can be deemed as highly successful due to the good number of positive testimonials from the users.

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