Bye Bye Baby Belly Review


Finally, when you become a mom after bearing lots of pain, stress and frustration during 9 months of pregnancy, you feel so great and look forward to a new life. Now you should be happy, relaxed and excited. But what happens when you look your round belly into the mirror that makes you look still pregnant? You are compelled to ask yourself a few questions: Can I never look sexy again? Can I never get my figure back? Can I never get into my favorite jeans or bikini? You become frustrated like most of the moms when you don’t find the answers to your questions. But you can still enjoy your life and say bye bye baby belly.

What Bye Bye Baby Belly Does for you?

Bye Bye Baby Belly is an effective and exciting postpartum weight loss program prepared by a well known Chartered Psychologist, Andrew Bridgewater. This 12 weekly program was completed in two years after a lot of research and a number of tests and trials. Bye Bye Baby Belly is in MP3 Audio format which provides you week by week guideline to lose your baby belly in 5 simple steps. The weekly program is as follow:

Week 1 – Winning the mental game of weight loss after a baby
Week 2 – Drink the right amount and the right type of water – daily
Week 3 – Alkalize to add vitality
Week 4 – Healthy diet, healthy life
Week 5 – Combining foods properly
Week 6 – Detox gradually
Week 7 – Exercise for fun
Week 8 – Stress for success
Week 9 – Copy winners, not whiners
Week 10 – Super foods
Week 11 – Do healthy people earn more?
Week 12 – Getting it together

Who is Andrew Bridgewater?

Andrew Bridgewater, a health and fitness coach is a UK Chartered Psychologist and a member of The British Psychological Society. He is Author of the best sellers “The Alkaline Diet Success Formula, The AV Diet, Bye Bye Beer Belly and Bye Bye Baby Belly”. He surprised the world by losing 50lbs of weight just in 6 months in 2007.


The exclusive 3 free and fast action bonuses are as follows;

Bonus # 1

The Bye Bye Baby Belly Home Study Overview – a fast action guide that will accelerate your results and that you can use right now!

Bonus # 2

2 hours of professional video from Andrew’s highly acclaimed session at The Weight Loss Bootcamp Live in London

Bonus # 3

A fascinating and very candid interview with another expert – Laura Fenamore who lost over 100lbs at the age of 24


  • Bye Bye Baby Belly is available in audio format.
  • Weekly Program details are explained comprehensively, but regarding the cellulite there is not much information available.


  • It is written by a well known psychologist and a Health Coach.
  • Program is instantly downloadable in MP3 Form.
  • There are 3 free and fast bonuses at the same price.
  • It has 100% 60-day money back guarantee and you can ask for your money back if you don’t feel the difference in 10 days.
  • It provides you with a complete week by week plan.
  • It is easily accessible online.
  • It is easy-to-do at home comfort.
  • You can find dozens of secrets in this program.


Bye Bye Baby Belly is the most comprehensive ebook ever written on postpartum baby weight. With many aspects of the program, it is overall one of the best guides to achieve your goal of getting back your beauty. The most attractive part is that the program is easy to do at your home comfort.

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