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Pain can be a terrible obstacle in leading an active lifestyle. It not only makes life miserable but marks an individual’s freedom by punctuating it with cringes and movement disability. Over the counter medications may bring some temporary relief, but such pills are never free from side effects and are addictive by nature. In the light of these facts, a natural solution to the pain problem is the Andro Relief that efficiently treats pain through a natural formula.


What is this Product?

The Andro Relief by Earth Naturals is a natural and efficient solution to all kinds of pain inflicting the various part of the body. The supplement is an efficient solution to chronic pain, muscular pain, backache, pain in the joints, neuropathy, and even the crippling pain associated with arthritis.


The heath pill is suitable for both male and female, regardless of their age bracket. Moreover, this supplement is not addictive by nature so that a person has the advantage of using this painkiller as per his will and wish, without the compulsion of chemicals. All the ingredients are natural, so the pill is also free from any harmful effects. The composition is also free from any harmful chemicals, synthetic substances, fillers or additives.


The Primary Ingredient

This supplement is composed of all the natural ingredients. The key ingredient is the Andrographis Paniculata, which is a natural compound from South Asia. This substance has anti-inflammatory features that enable to combat bodily pains by soothing the affected area to cut down irritation, swelling, discomfort along with relief in pain. Studies also back the effectiveness of this ingredient.


A cherry on top is that Andrographis Paniculata not only eliminates pain but also shields the body with a protective layer to prevent further pain along with cutting the risk of heart ailments and cancer.


How is this product unique?

Several reasons account for the reliability of this product. Firstly, the supplement comes from a prominent company called the Earth Naturals. Secondly, it is different from other like supplements in the market by featuring the premium grade quality of pure Andrographis Paniculata. Thirdly, it stands a better chance to prescribed medications by boasting a composition that is free from chemicals and addictive substances. Also, the relief in pain is not short lived as is the case with medicines and other ointments.


Lastly, this painkiller has been mentioned in the mainstream media multiple times, which increases the reliability of this supplement by several times. It has been presented on CNN, NBC, the Today Show, ESPN, and Dr. Oz Show.



Andro Relief is an efficient painkiller that not only fights pain but also prevents further aches. The key ingredient present in these pills is pure and of high quality, making the supplement free from side effects, natural, and effective. Two capsules of this supplement a day can help an individual get rid of any kind of pain without any leftover soreness so that a person enjoys greater mobility and an active lifestyle.

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