All of the potential cause there are for back pain and how you might have never known that you were causing your own back pain.


A back pain can be really nagging! Although it is uncomfortable all the time, it is sure to pop up at a time when you surely do not want it or are not properly equipped to deal with it. Sitting in an important meeting, going on that vacation with your family, attending an important function or ceremony and there you are, cringing every time you bend or every time you get up from your chair.

Not just the trouble that comes with it, a prolonged history of back pain can be actually worrisome and one must see a doctor for back pain in these cases. So, if you were to understand the causes of the back pain, we need to understand the structure of our spine. Our spine is made up of a combination of bones, flexible ligaments and tendons, muscle complexes and a whole lot of nerves. The spine is divided into four parts:

  • Cervical (neck)
  • Thoracic (upper back)
  • Lumbar (lower back)
  • Sacral (base of the spine)

Back pain that lasts less than six weeks can be categorized as acute and one that lasts for more than three months is called chronic back pain. There are causes of upper back pain and causes for lower back pain, however some of the common causes in our day to day life are:

1) Bending down in an uncomfortable position for long hours.

2) Slouching in chairs or on bed, mostly while watching television

3) Driving or sitting in a hunchback position for an extended duration of time.

4) Overstretching or over exercising

5) Lifting heavy objects for a prolonged period.

Apart from these common reasons, there are certain individuals who are highly prone to back pain. These are:

1) Overweight or obese people – A BMI calculator will indicate the category in which you fall. Being overweight is not just good for your spine, but also for other bone structures fo your body.

2) Pregnant women – The weight of the baby and its form presses against the spinal cord, thereby causing frequent back pain

3) Smokers – Smoking can cause tissue damage in the back and can really harm your muscles and ligaments around the spinal cord.

4) Long term Medication – Medication like corticosteroids weaken your bones and therefore must always be taken under medical supervision.

5) Stress – This is also one of the psychological factors that can harm you in all aspects – physically and emotionally.


If you look at all the above mentioned causes for back pain, you would notice that none of these are medical syndromes and are well within your means to work upon. An improved posture, being cautious while going about doing your normal activities of the day and exercising regularly can really help you ease that back pain, However, if it is chronic, it is advisable to see a doctor for back pain treatment.

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