AfterDrink Hangover Supplement – Did it do the trick?


Going out, socialising and having a few drinks on a night out is part of many of our lives. Although its generally regarded as a unhealthier side to our lifestyle.

Natural hangover supplements are becoming more and more popular and there are currently quite a few options available to people.

These pills are essentially packed with antioxidants which help boost the detoxifying ability of your liver.

this means that your liver can clear up more of the harmful by-products which are produced as a result of alcohol breakdown.

Regardless of how they are branded, they are never going to be hangover cures. however they can help dampen the blow after night of drinking.

What you need to know about the ingredients

Botanical extracts – This company includes many herbal extracts which are used by people all over the world to settle upset stomachs and reduce inflammation such as ginger and turmeric. ginger is particularly good at reducing nausea so its great for hangovers.

Vitamins & minerals – they include high dose B vitamins and some well known antioxidants such as vitamin C and E for that extra support.

Amino acids – one of the main ingredients is NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) which is well known for its liver detoxifying properties. It is the precursor to Glutathione which is the body’s master antioxidant.

How did we find it?

Me and a few friends set out one night to try how these supplements worked. We all had a few glasses of wine followed by some gin and tonics.

The recommended dosage is 3 capsules before bed and 3 in the morning which is quite a lot to take. Also we found that the capsules are quite large so some people may have difficulty with them. You can also open the capsules up and mix them with yoghurt to avoid swallowing capsules.

We all woke up with different feelings, some of us felt absolutely fine with no hangover – including myself and others were still feeling the effects of the night before.

After the second dose in the morning the others who were initially not feeling so great, felt a lot better as the day went on.

We carried on testing it for the whole month just to make sure that the effects we were seeing were actually from the capsules and not from the amount or particular types of alcohol we were consuming.

In the end there were mixed reviews from the group but 4/5 of us felt that it definitely made a positive difference.

Final Verdict

Overall we found AfterDrink to work pretty well. It certainly took the sting out of our hangovers and helped us function better with our days as we had less of a headache and felt more energised.

Out of our group of 5 friends, one of us didn’t find it to help much so it may work better for some than others.

The serving size is large and wont be for everyone. Some people may also find it difficult to remember to take it at night which is the most important time to take it.

Also, this hangover supplement is not cheap. Its only a small bottle which lasts for 8 nights out. However there are a lot of premium ingredients included.

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