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One of the most popular snacks accepted globally, the jerky of beef is a dried slice of meat with minimal fat content and high protein. They are easily available in stores selling similar products or can even be prepared at home. They are readily available in packets to be used as snacks when away from home. There is a variety of flavours to choose from including teriyaki, pepper, honey and garlic, barbeque, sticks and nuggets. But it has to be properly cooked otherwise can lead to several health issues. Use of chemical preservatives on the meat prevents oxidative decay in case of large scale production. You can also have the privilege of experiencing taste of this nutritious snack by placing an order online.


The normal shelf life

The main concern with most consumers is how long a beef jerky will last or does it ever go bad. Generally, homemade jerkies last up to 2 months while those prepared commercially can last as long as a year. Unopened jerky made from beef can last up to 2 years in the pantry, even more than the expiry date mentioned in the package if properly stored and sealed. However, the shelf life is best before the expiry date mentioned. The actual reason for the preparation of jerky was to keep the protein source in the meat edible for long periods of time in places where meat was not frequently available. The process of dehydration conducted on the meat removes any type of moisture to prevent fungal and bacterial enzymes to react with the meat and spoil it. The best way to store such product is to prepare a commercially sealed vacuum packaging and kept in a cool dry place away from sunlight or even frozen until ready for use.

Best beef cuts for making jerky

It is not possible to prepare jerky unless you know the beef cuts to be used. Though jerky can be made from any cut it is best made from one which has the lowest amount of fat. Any process of dehydration or salt or smoke can reduce the development of microorganisms but will not be able to protect the jerky from spoilage because of any fat content. Irrespective of the type of meat it is always recommended to follow certain ground rules to prepare an edible and long lasting jerky. It is better to avoid old and expired meat. Purchase a bit more of the meat than required as dried jerky loses about two-thirds of its weight. Properly inspect each cut separately to select the one with the least amount of fat. Get the meat sliced from your butcher according to the required thickness as this will save a lot of your valuable time. There are several ways by which you can get cuts for beef jerky such as eye of round, bottom round, top round, sirloin tip, flank steak and ground meat. These help in preparing your jerky in different ways.

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