7 Secrets to Building Muscle and Burning Fat at the Same Time


This isn’t the 1980’s fitness world anymore. The entire fitness community has adapted and evolved to accommodate all sorts of body compositions and goals. Old timers believed, and thus taught, you could choose between building muscle and burning fat but you could never do both. Over the years, this has been proven wrong. It’s no longer impossible to bridge the gap between muscle and physique at the same time.

The daunting task doesn’t come easy. A proper diet and steady, consistent workout regime must be in play. All of the following recommendations are dependent upon you and your work ethic, persistence and skill level. Here are seven secrets to building muscle and burning fat at the same time.

  • The Diet

A lot of hard work comes outside of the gym. It takes a lot of self-control to stay away from those midnight snacks. If you’re in the habit of eating unhealthy—this will be one of the most challenging changes to your regimen. Fatty, sugary, carby foods will halt your fat loss in its tracks. Stay the course and commit to your diet. It will pay dividends.

  • Drink Your Protein

One thing shedding fat and build muscle has in common is testosterone. Boosting your testosterone will help you shed the body fat and still build lean muscle. Supplements such as protein are considered testosterone boosting supplements. This is because whey and casein protein help increase protein synthesis in the body. and also you can take Weight Loss Steroids for weight loss and build muscles. 

  • Eat Regularly

Eating six small meals every three hours helps regulate blood sugar. This process also helps build muscle mass, and drastically curbs overeating. This is difficult to do without the process of meal prepping or meal planning. Take a Sunday, plan every single meal for one week. Head to the grocery and get plastic containers (if you don’t already have some), find all your groceries and head home and start cooking! Make this your Sunday routine.

  • Swim

Getting in the water is not usually on the top of anyone’s list for a workout. However, the physiques of most watersports athletes are envious. Swimming workouts are tough. You’re going to have to push yourself to get through each one. However, the results will speak for themselves. This is one of the best ways to build muscle and shed body fat. Put this into your routine immediately.

  • Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press

These movements are what’s known as compound movements and they work the major muscle groups in the body. There is no replacing these three workouts. Thus, it’s impossible to imitate the results these workouts produce. Stagger these workouts so they aren’t all on the same day. Make sure you have plenty of carbohydrates to get through your workout—or you will have fatigue before your muscles do.

  • Continuously Change Workouts

The body’s ability to adapt is unmatched. Putting your body through the same routine day-after-day, week-after-week will do your body good until it figures out the routine. And that’s when progress takes a back seat. If you go to the gym and alter your workout approach—you will maximize your potential results. Find something that works for you, everybody is different. So, one particular routine that works great for your friend—may not work great for you.

  • Sleep

The old adage of not getting enough sleep comes full circle. Sleep helps the body recover, build muscle and shed fat. Not getting enough sleep may leave you groggy the next day. If this happens, you are less likely to get to the gym and stay focused on your diet. Sleep is essential. When the body is sleeping is when it produces the majority of its testosterone and growth hormone. Both essential for building muscle.

Building muscle and burning fat simultaneously is not unmanageable. It is, however, mentally and physically challenging. The rewards for your hard work will be well documented with your physique and confidence. Meal prepping may be the ticket to getting your diet on track and curb those daily cravings. Hit the swimming pool once or twice a week and get plenty of sleep. The body has to have time to recover or you will never see the progress you are working toward.

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