6 Things Which Make Water Damaging for Us


We all know about the importance of water in our lives and we are aware that we must drink it frequently in a day and use it for our personal hygiene and even take into account as an element that we associate with our spiritual life. However, there are elements that can make water unsuitable for consumption, so here we give you a list of six things that make water unhealthy and how to avoid them those problems.

1) Bisphenol A

This chemical, also known as BPA, resides in some plastic bottles and can threaten our health. Ideally, you should buy water bottles that do not contain this compound.

2) Dontt Wash Your Bottle

Reusing a bottle of water constantly is an activity of great ecological awareness. However, it should be washed continuously since many bacteria residence in it body. Be sure to wash it with soap and warm water and let it dry well without cover.

3) Shower

It is time to clean the shower! This is a great place for bacteria; when you turn on water, the bacteria soar through air and fall on our body. Although we can fight them normally, people with weak immune systems should be attentive and take preventive measures.

4) Flavored Waters

Some of these beverages have twelve reach chemical components; although its label says they are natural. You can replace this product for something healthier; you can place a slice of lemon to your glass of water.

5) Excessive Hydration

Believe it or not, drinking lots of water can be harmful to health because it produces hyponatremia (excessive dilution of sodium in the blood). Do not take water to feel full; in fact, your body can only process a certain amount of water. The excess can be potentially hazardous.

6) Caffeine

Caffeine is good for our memory and concentration, but we must be cautious in consuming it. There are types of water enriched with this psychoactive, so we must be careful and should not overdo its consumption.

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