5 ways to torch your body fat


While it may now be a little late to get ready for the summer beach body competitions, it is always a good time to get fit and decide to lose a few pounds. Weight loss is not an easy journey and cravings can kick in with that little devil on your shoulder encouraging you to go and eat the cream cake as it’s your friend’s birthday! Sure, eat the cream cake, but make sure you work it off as well if you’re looking to drop a few pounds! Here we have 5 fantastic ways to torch your body fat, from high intensity interval training to lifting big heavy weights and supplementing your diet.


This is perhaps the most crucial part of any regime that aims to torch fat. There’s no point killing yourself at the gym if you then come home and eat a load of rubbish and so it’s important to put the right fuel in our bodies in order for it to perform at its best. The best bets for food are plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as lean protein such as salmon, turkey and chicken. Calculate your daily calorie intake by performing a simple Google search and then try and stick to it! If you eat right, and exercise right, the weight should drop off in no time!


Some people invest in supplements to aid in their fat loss journey. Products such as Burnoff contain ingredients thought to promote fat loss, and other supplements such as whey protein or creatine can be helpful in stripping fat and building lean muscle. Finally, BCAA’s can be handy in helping you to recover after a hard session in the gym, cutting down on delayed onset muscle soreness and ensuring you can head back to the gym for round two!

Long distance cardio

Long distance cardio is the traditional route to take if you want to lose some excess weight. Any increase in activity will burn more calories and if your calorie intake is less than your calorie output, weight loss will occur. Long distance running can be a way of burning calories, as well as increasing your general fitness, lung capacity and the health of your heart. It’s not the most efficient way of torching body fat however, but for some people, especially those new to fitness and working it, it can be a good option to settle into a workout routine.

High Intensity Interval Training

The more popular way of torching fat through cardio is by undertaking high intensity interval training. This involves short periods of intense exercise, followed by periods of rest which is then repeated. This has the advantage of making your workouts very quick, very effective but also very difficult! In order to successfully do HIIT you need to push yourself to the limit to fire up your metabolism and make sure you are still burning calories hours after your workout as you lay on the sofa relaxing! It’s not recommended for those just starting a fitness regime as can be a little like a baptism of fire and enough to put you off exercise for good, but it’s a good thing to aim towards! Often thought of as being more effective and efficient than long distance running, why not incorporate some HIIT into your routine to torch fat?

Weight training

If you’re looking to lose fat, but also build lean muscle, weight training could be for you. Many people think that lifting weights will make them big and bulky, but this simply isn’t the case and weight lifting can be a great way of giving yourself a fantastic workout that burns fat fast! Try adding in supersets or exercises performed without a break to add some intensity to your workout as a form of HIIT with weights to really get in the fat burning zone! Big compound movements such as the squat, bench press and deadlift are some of the best exercises to include as they work more than one muscle group and therefore increase the fat burning potential in each move. The best squat racks on the market will provide everything you need outside of a flat bench to do compound movements. Give weight lifting a go and see if it helps you torch that last bit of fat you’ve been struggling with!

To sum up

Cutting fat is both an easy and difficult process. It’s easy to know what to do – take in fewer calories than you burn, but it’s difficult to actually do it and stick to it. Through combining HIIT, weightlifting, long distance cardio, diet and supplements however you can go a long way in burning the fat you want and achieving the body and fitness you have dreamed of. Work hard, train hard, eat hard and see the results for yourself!

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