5 Tips for Maintaining Liposuction Results


You are now enjoying a more slender, sleeker body having just done liposuction and are wondering what to do next. Well, here are a few tips to ensure those results stay the way they do.

Be More Active

Increase your activity level to get in better physical condition. An all-out exercise routine encompassing a heavy workout every single day isn’t imperative, but anything helps! Not moving around has been linked to many health concerns, including obesity and a number of resulting conditions as a cause. High blood pressure, excess body fat, high blood sugar are some of the factors that can come into play if you do not keep active. Liposuction gets rid of only so much if weight continues to be gained, especially if a sedentary lifestyle once again results in excess fat. Being more active results in better habits, a more healthy way of living, and will lay the foundation of being healthy as you get older. Where some may have a few health problems from being sedentary, you will be in great shape, both visually and cardiovascularly.

Some keys to being active:

  • Standing up and moving around every 30 minutes, especially if you’re at an office job
  • Taking more walks
  • Walking up stairs instead of taking an elevator
  • Go for regular runs
  • Stand up during commercials and do chores

Have Healthy Eating Habits

All of a sudden you’re looking better. Just like how you’re now more active, a great to supplement that activity is too adjust your diet! By maintaining your recommended caloric intake linked to height and weight, you will maintain or even lose weight. Eating healthily puts you at a lower risk of developing diseases. For example, protein encourages a healthy immune system. Fats and carbohydrates help nourish your body, and various vitamins help keep bones strong. Without a well-balanced diet, you may be compromising some of those systems.

Weight control is also very important when considering food choices, and accumulating fat results in weight gain and more chronic health issues. Healthy eating habits also promote good lifestyle choices, in that the average weight of the world’s population keeps increasing due to the nature of processed foods. Keeping track and limiting these certain foods will go a long way in keeping healthy and maintaining your results. Some may even say this is the only real key needed for good health.

  • Find nutrition information present on many health websites and determine these numbers
  • Cut back on foods high in sugar
  • Consume a variety of foods to maintain a healthy assortment of vitamins and minerals


Drink More Water

There are myriad benefits to drinking more water, including important signals such as increasing energy expenditure without making any other lifestyle choices. Studies have shown that drinking more water helps people spend more energy while doing less, something you will not even be worrying about with an active lifestyle! However, it is nice to know that water is often the catalyst for making better health choices. It is a refreshing and filling way to implement regular health in your day. That is not to say you shouldn’t incorporate anything else except drinking more water, but drinking water is very important! It helps fill you up and feel less hungry, with studies showing it reduces appetite in most people, decreasing calorie intake and resulting in weight loss or weight maintenance. It also has various skin benefits, with skin looking dry and flaky without adequate water intake.

  • Drink more water
  • Bring a water bottle along so you can be reminded
  • Create a goal of a certain amount of water to drink per day

Follow an Exercise Program

This one is a bit more involved than the others as implementing an exercise program will be a continued lifestyle change, resulting in a more system-oriented change rather than a goal-oriented change. Your goal can be to look better, which can be done with liposuction and other techniques, but it is the prolonged use of a certain set of rules that will be the impetus to keep up motivation every day. Exercising regularly is a key to losing weight, obviously, and doing it regularly while making it a part of your daily routine will cause a significant lifestyle change. By being motivated to maintain your results, this is certainly the best way to change things for yourself and make the best of your brand new body after liposuction.

  • Find a general routine
  • Try to exercise at least 3x a week
  • An exercise goal such as Couch to 1K will help results come along slowly

Implement All Of These Tips Together

Implementing all of the aforementioned tips will go a long way in maintaining your liposuction results, even enhancing your current look in your quest to look better than ever and maintain your health throughout your life.

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