5 Alternative Ways to Get Health Benefits of Exercises


If you are living a busy life, most probably, you don’t have time to do some kind of workouts or exercises. No matter how busy you are, you have to stay fit and healthy for which you really need to do exercises. Now if you don’t have time, you need to learn about some alternative ways so you can get the benefits of exercises without doing exercises. Some of such effective ways are mentioned below:

1) Speed Up Routine Activities

If you think, you can’t spare specific time for performing exercises to improve your heart rate, you can simply bring speed and fastness in your routine activities. This is not some kind of exercise but can give you the benefits of faster workouts. For example, if you are clearing your house, you can do it with an increased speed. You can sweep the floor quickly, clean the pots quickly or even if you are to print type a letter, you can try typing as fast as you can.

2) Trying Breathing Patterns

You always breathe and this is what you need to stay alive but have you ever thought that you can use breathing as a way to exercise? Well, if you haven’t thought about it, this is the time for you to think about adopting breathing patterns with which you can better up the supply of oxygen to body organs which is essential to relax muscles. You feel tired, stressed or tensed, you can try a very simple breathing pattern in which you just have to inhale for about five seconds and exhales for about ten seconds and you will feel that how effective it is to get you relief.

3) Climbing Up Stairs Faster

If you have to climb up the stairs, try to climb faster but it doesn’t not mean you should be careless and make yourself injured. It simply means instead of using lift, you can use stairs to get in your home or office and when you are doing it, do it a little faster than your actual climbing speed. By doing this, you can burn the fat, build muscles, make your bones stronger, lose your stiff joints etc. if you prefer to wear high heels, this will be great for you calves. However, then you have to be more careful while climbing up.

4) Improving Your Sitting Posture

If you don’t sit straight like so many other people, this may bring lots of problems for you with your back and abs and you might often feel pain and strain in your joints. This will also bring curvature of spine on permanent basis. However, if you improve your sitting posture, you cannot just get rid of lots of problems but can also get various other health benefits. Always try to sit up straight with your back as this will also help you reduce the risks of arthritis in joints.

5) Pretending to Be Jogging

Another interesting technique is pretending to be jogging technique which you can use as an alternative way of regular jogging or running. For example, if you are walking to the TV Lounge, instead of walking, you can jog there if you are from one room to the other in your office, you can try the same technique if you don’t care what your colleagues say about you.

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