4 Ways to Increase Water Consumption This Winter


Everyone knows that water is essential for human body as it is consisted upon 60% of water. The most important thing about water is that it contains no calories but provides lots of health benefits. If you compare water with other drinks such as juices, soda or other alcoholic drinks, you will find that all of them contain lots of sugar, chemicals and calories which all are bad for health. Now the problem is that majority of the people prefer other types of drinks than plain water especially in winter. Here are a few tips which can help you increase your water consumption in every season.

1) Rosemary& Cucumber

Rosemary water can increase liquid consumption and the substances found in it can greatly help you improve circulation of blood, reduce inflammation and enhance the performance of immune-system. Secondly, it is a source of Christmas smell which is the real source of attraction for many people who prefer to include this pleasant herb in different things such as infused water. To enhance the benefits of rosemary, you can also add cucumber in a jug full of plain water and then enjoy this delicious and delightful drink throughout the day.

2) Strawberry &Basil

Another great drink is strawberry along with basil water which is considered to be the most refreshing drink for almost all seasons including winter and sunny. The taste of strawberries and the smell of basil prepare a drink which is loved by all young and children. Basil is believed to be having anti-bacterial agents and when you combine it with strawberries in a glass of jug of water, both work to provide maximum protection against the cellular oxidation in your body.

3) Lemon & Ginger

Lemon is considered to be the best natural detoxifier which has been proven to be very effective in flushing out toxins from your liver. Moreover, you should also know about ginger that provides relief from digestive problems and also prevents inflammation. Both lemon and ginger have great health benefit and if you combine them, you can understand how effective they can be for you. To increase your everyday water or liquid consumption, get a jug full of plain water and drop just one sliced lemon and about one inch of skinless ginger. Mix all of the ingredients and when are properly mixed, put the jug in fridge for about two hours before you drink it.

4) Cinnamon & Apple

Cinnamon is believed to be really effective in controlling blood sugar in human body and it has also been proven to be very useful in preventing diabetes. As far as benefits of apple are concerned, who does not know about the king of all fruits? The combination of both cinnamon and apple is being used to boost metabolism. This winter, you must try the beverages prepared with both of those natural sources of energy and if you want to prepare your own drink, you just need to take a jug full of water in which you will include two sticks of cinnamon and pieces of organic apple. Your winter drink is ready.

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