4 Enjoyable Exercises for Those Who Hate Exercising


Obesity or weight gain has become a very common problem not just in America but also in all other countries. If it was just a problem, that was fine but it is actually a cause for a number of other problems such as diabetes, heart diseases etc. Those who are overweighed and those who have average bodies can be benefited with regular forms of exercises.

It has been proven that those who perform aerobic exercises experience strengthening of lungs and hearts and boosting of entire immune system. Simply spending one hour on every day basis can be really helpful for you. Those who don’t like doing exercises might not be able to enjoy maximum benefits. However, there are some exercises which everyone would love to do.

1) Joining a Team

There are a large number of people who don’t like to do exercises but on the other hand, they really love to be the part of some kind of sports competitions. If you are one of those who can join a group, team or league to be the part of a competition. If you don’t think there are such groups or teams in your locality, you can find others online. But the first thing you have to do is to decide what your favorite sport is and then search for the team accordingly.

2) Walking inside a Mall

If you are not so enthusiastic about sports or joining a team or group, you can enjoy another alternative way and that is to walk inside a shopping mall. If you a mall in your locality near your house, you can go there in the morning and make some laps before the mall is opened. Not all but some of the malls allow morning walkers to enjoy this facility. Laps are air conditioned and you don’t really have to worry about the weather in or outside of the mall.

3) Swimming with Friends

Swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises which provides low resistance and that is really useful for those who often have joint pain or other similar conditions that prevent them to do more activities and they have to limit yourself. If you are living in an apartment complex, you might be able to enjoy swimming pool facility or you can also go to public pools. If you don’t want to have swimming laps, you can try water polo or some other kind of aerobics which can be performed inside the water.

4) Enjoying Dancing Options

Last but not the least is dancing as an aerobic exercise which has become much more popular than ever before and especially the young girls and boys love to do it. You can join some dancing institutes where you can learn the proper way of dancing to enjoy its benefits. The best thing about dancing is that you can choose from dozens of options such as swing to Zumba or ballroom or even belly dancing. Everything will give you great results and you will enjoy such great form of exercise without getting bored.

About Author

Alex Adkins is a certified personal trainer from American Council on Exercise. He is a regular contributor on FatLossPot, MensFitness, Fitness Magazine & many other weight loss & fitness blogs. He has over 15 years experience of Gym & exercises. He lives in New York & is a great enthusiast of sports, food and lean muscles.